World War I STARR

Term Definition
Woodrow Wilson President of the United States during World War I, Proposed the League of Nations
League of Nations Wilson's plan for world peace, nations talk out problems instead of going to war
Sinking of the Lusitania The passenger ship was sunk, with many Americans causing Congress to declare war on Germany
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare Germany declare all ships would be sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, even neutral nations.
The Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire
The Allied Powers Great Britain, Russia and France
Trench Warfare fighting in and from trenches all along the western front
Battle of the Argonne Forest Where American Forces defeated the German army in 1918 in Northern France
Treaty of Versailles the treaty that ended the war, and declared Germany responsible for the war. Germany was forced to pay the cost.
General Pershing Commander of the American Expeditionary force
Cause of World War I in 1917 The Assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary-Franz Ferdinand
Alvin York a poor American soldier, killed 25 German soldiers and captured 123 prisoner by him self
Wilson's Fourteen Points President Wilson's ideas for keeping peace in Europe after the war. Including independence for nations.
Western Front the line of fighting along the French and German border, where the trenches were
Causes of WWI Nationalism, Alliance system, Militarism and imperialism,
Henry Cabot Lodge American senator who was against the USA joining the League of Nations, which later failed

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