Wordof the day Quiz1

Term Definition
Abstrian (Verb)Restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something
Adamant (Adjective)Refusing to be persuaded or to change ones mind
Adversity (Noun)Difficulties, misfortune
Advocate (Verb)Publicly recommend or support
Ambiguos (Adjective)Open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning
Amiable (Adjective)Having or displaying a friendly and pleasant manner
Beguile (Verb)Charm or enchant (someone) sometimes in a deceptive way
Belligerent (Adjective)Hostile and aggressive
Candid (Adjective)Truthful and straight forward; frank
Cognizant (Adjective)Having knowledge or being aware
Conumdum (Noun)A confusing or difficult problem or question
Copious (Adjective)Abundant in supply or quantity
Dearth (Noun)A scarcity or lack of something
Debacle (Noun)A compact collapse or failure

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