Word Lesson 2

Question Answer
selecting text highlight a block of text
word double click the word
Line click once in left margin
Lines click once in left margin and drag down
Sentence Hold CTRL and click in the sentence
Paragraph triple click the paragraph
Paragraph double click the left margin
Entire document triple click the left margin
Entire document CTRL click the left margin
Entire document CTRL + A
Entire document Home>Editing>Select>Select All
Show/Hide Button show hidden paragraph marks and editing symbols
Where is the Show/Hide button located? Home>Paragraph>Show/Hide Button
Toggling click a button to turn it on and off
Quick Styles settings that alter text
Undo reverses a recent action
Undo CTRL+z
Redo reverses an undo
Redo CTRL+y
Repeat repeats a recent action
drag and drop the easiest way to move text
What do you hold to copy when you drag and drop? CTRL
Clipboard temporary storage place
How many selections will the Clipboard hold? 24
What do you do to move text? Cut and Paste
What do you do to copy text? Copy and Paste
Paste CTRL+V
Find and Replace helps you find specific words and replace them with another word
Where do you go to access Find and Replace? Home>Editing>Find or Replace button
Go To Command allows you to jump to a specific place in a document
Word Count appear in the status bar and show you how many words are in your document
Where is the Word Count button located? Review>Word Count or on the Status Bar

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