Witch Voc. 2 The Witch of Blackbird Pond – Voc. 2

Question Answer
regal adjective – of remarkable excellence or magnificence; relating to, or suitable for a king
conceded verb – to admit that something is true; to grant, to allow; to admit defeat
idleness adjective – doing no work, not active or in use; avoiding work, lazy
constraint noun – holding back of one’s feelings, actions, or behavior
chagrined adjective – a feeling of annoyance and embarrassment or disappointment
impulsively adverb – a sudden stirring up of the mind and spirit to do something
stammered verb – to speak or utter with involuntary stops and much repeating
coaxed verb – to influence by gentle urging, special attention, or flattering
tremulous adjective – causing dread or terror; dreadful; astonishing because of great size, excellence, or power
devise verb – to form in the mind by new combinations or applications of ideas or principles; invent
baffled verb – to puzzle, to perplex; to frustrate
placating verb – to pacify, to make someone less angry
auspiciously adverb – showing signs that promise success
aghast adjective – filled with horror or shock
tactlessness adjective – lacking indiscretion; rudeness; unkindness
undulated verb – to move like waves; go up and down
menacingly adverb – likely to bring harm, nuisance; a threatening act or quality
venomous adjective – full of a bitter feeling or hatred
floundering verb – to move clumsily and with difficulty; hesitate in confusion
musings verb – to ponder, think over

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