Question Answer
Affluence Wealth and riches prosperity great abundance plenty
Arrears Unpaid or overdue debts
Cascade A steep near a waterfall or something falling or rushing from forth in quantity
Cringe To shrink back or high in fear of submissiveness
Crotchety Cranky ill tempered full of odd whims
Immobile Not moving not movable
Impassable Blocks so that nothing can get through
Innovation Something new A change the act of introducing a new method idea device ETC
Jovial Good humored in high spirits Merry
Manacle A handcuff anything that change or confines
Martial Warlike fond of fighting relating to war
Minimum The smallest possible amount the least
Nimble Quick and skillful in movement
Onset Beginning
Partition Something that divides like a wall
Perishable Likely to spoil or decay
Retrieve To find and bring back
Sinister Appearing evil or dangerous
Taut Tightly drawn tense neat in good order
Template A pattern, typically in the form of metal, wood, or plastic

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