Unit 4

Question Answer
acquit to declare not guilty free from blame, discharge completely to conduct or behsave oneself
discredit to throw doubt upon cause to be distrusted
discredit a loss or lack or belief
generate to bring into existence
ingratitude a lack of thankfulness
ovation an enthusiastic public welcome an outburst
plight a sorry condition
reverie a day dream the condition of being lost
scan an examination
strife bitter disagreement, fight
topple to fall strate forward
deem to believe or think
devastate to destroy or waste
elusive difficult to find, catch, or achieve
idolize to worship as an idol, make an idol of. to love very much
keepsake something kept in memory of the giver . a souvenir
mortal a being that must eventually die
mortal of or relating to such a being causing death fatal possible, conceivable
Petty unimportant trivial narrow minded secondary in rank minor
repent to feel sorry for what one has done or has failed to do
revocation an act or instance of calling back an annulment, cancellation
strand a beach or a shore a string of wire hair etc
strand to drive or run aground to leave in a hopeless positions

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