Unit 3 Tissue Injury & Healing Reassessment

Question Answer
What is the process of Bone Healing ? Acute, Repair, Remodeling
What is a tendon? Tendons connect muscles to bones.
What is th order of elasticity? Tendon -inelasticLigament-semi-elasticMuscle-very elastic
What is a ligament? Connect bone to bone
Bone Injury Fracture=Break
Osteocytes are bone cells. Make up bone tissue
Osteoclasts Remove damage CELLS & release calcium into blood. BREAK DOWN BONE TISSUE
Osteoblasts Removed damage CALCIUM from blood and build new matrix. BONE BUILDING CELLS
Spongy Bone Callousness Bone
Compact Bone Cortical Bone
Periosteum Outer enclosure which is continuous with tendons and ligaments blood vessels, contains it's own blood supply
Epiphysis Ends of bone which made up of spongy bone(contains red bone marrow) and compact bone; covered in cartilage
Diaphysis Middle or body of bone(shaft) compact bone on outer layer with medullary cavity(yellow bone marrow= fat) lined by endosteum
Endosteum Squamous epithelium
Calcium Carbonate For Rigidity
Calcium Phospate For Rigidity
Collagen Flexibility to resist tension
Lose this with age and brittle Flexiblity
Long Bone Is shaped like a femur
Short bone Shaped like metacarpals in your wrist
Flat Bone Is shaped like your skull
Irregular Is an odd shape like your spinal cord pieces
Sesamoid Is a circle shape like the petala
Acute Injuries Rapid OnsetUsually Results from a Traumatic EventSigns & Symptoms of Injury are immediatePain SwellingDecrease or loss of function
Chronic Injuries Not associated with a single traumatic episodeDevelop gradually over timeSometimes referred to as overuse injuries More commonly seen in sports with repetitive motionsTendons are common sites for overuse injuries
Soft Tissue MusclesTendons LigamentsFasciaJointCapsulesBlood VesselsNerves
Soft Tissue Injuries ContusionsSprainsStrains
Skeletal Involves any bony structure in the body
Skeletal Injuries FracturesStress FracturesBone Contusions
Abrasion Scrape or loss of layer of skinOozes rather than flowing blood
Blister Irritation of skin resulting in pocket of fluid between epidermis and dermis
Incision Clean cut. Easy to close and made by precise and sharp objects
Laceration irregular tearing of the skin, caused by sharp object ripping skin. More difficult to close
Avulsion Sever laceration resulting in complete separation of skin from underlying tissue
Puncture Sharp, cylindrical object penetrates skin, usually throw the dermis layer DOES NOT BLEED
Contusions Direct blow to the body
Sprain Injuries that occur to ligaments3 different levels
Dislocation Complete separation of 2 articulating bony surfaces
Subluxation Partial or incomplete dislocation of an articulation
Strains Occurs in muscles and tendons3 different levels
Bursitis irritation of the bursa brought on by overuse of the joint or a direct blow to the area. It will swell and become jelly like.

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