the last safe place the last safe place on earth Ch. 11-15

Term Definition
inherit (verb) to receive from a family member or relative; to derive from ancestors; to receive as an heir of a previous owner; to derive genetically from ones parents or to receive or be left with; to come into possession of
pompous (adjective) having excessive self-esteem; snobbish; conceited; arrogant or vain
apathy (noun) lack of emotion or feeling; a lazy attitude; indifference; lack of interest or concern
criticism (noun) finding fault with; a critique; the expression of disapproval; a judgment; a complaint about or disapproval
colleague (noun) a fellow member in your working environment; a person with whom one works
optional (adjective) left to choice; not mandatory; available; voluntary
climax (noun) the highest point; the peak or pinnacle; the point of greatest tension in a film or story(verb) to reach the highest point
image (noun) a picture or representation of an object; popular opinion of a person; reputation or status.
solemn (adjective) serious and formal; not cheerful or smiling
meddle (verb) to intrude; or to interfere in the business of others; to tamper with; to interfere in or busy oneself with something that is not ones concern.
sullen (adjective) ill tempered; sulky or gloomy; somber
scant (adjective) small or inadequate in amount; barely sufficient or adequate
formal (adjective) very polite or dignified; serious, official, sophisticated, prim, reserved; suitable; done in accordance with rules in etiquette.
sob (verb) to cry noisily (noun) an act or sound of sobbing; loud cries
desperate (adjective) inconsolable, frantic: critical, drastic, hopeless, severe or urgent; feeling, showing or involving hopeless sense that a situation is so bad and is impossible to deal with; full of despair
inspire (verb) to encourage, enthuse or motivate, to stimulate or spur; to create a positive feeling in someone
ember (noun) glowing ash or cinder; a small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire
international (adjective) pertaining to relation between nations; existing; occurring or carried on between two or more nations.
spiral (adjective) winding constantly about the center, curving; winding in a continuous curve; constantly turning in one direction (verb) to move in a spiral course; to show a continuous increase or decrease; to rise or fall.
spiral (contd. (noun) A spiral curve, shape or pattern; a progressive rise or fall
converse (verb) to talk to someone (adjective) opposite; having characteristics that are reverse (noun) a situation, object or statement that is the reverse of another

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