TH 2 Keeping Quilt V

Question Answer
border a part that forms the outside edge of something
gathering a coming together of peopel
needles small thin tools used for sewing
scraps leftover bits of cloth
sewn fastened with stitches, using a needle and thread
threaded passed thread through the eye of a needle
hauling pulling or carrying
artificial made by human beings not real or natural
babushka a woman's head scarf (from the Russian word for grandmother)
challah a loaf of bread, often braided that is traditionally eaten at special Jewish celebrations
linen cloth made from fibers of the flax plant
handkerchief a square piece of cloth used for wiping the face or nose
huppa a canopy under which traditional Jewish weddings are performed
poverty being very poor
bouquet a bunch of flowers
gathering a coming together of people
tradition a custom or belief passed down from parents to children
Overcoat a coat put over other clothes
farmer a person who grows food and raises animals
hauling to pick up something heavy
shallow not deep
infant baby

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