STEAM PROJECT Tectonic Plates Board Game

Question Answer
1. What happens when 2 tectonic plates collide together? They create MOUNTAINS.
2. What happens when tectonic plates spread apart? They make EARTHQUAKES and cause ocean water to fall into the hole between the 2 tectonic plates.
3. How do volcanoes form? When Tectonic Plates are pushed together, they create mountains that then push the Magma out of the surface.
4. True/False: We live on earths mantle False
5. True/False: The earths mantle pushes magma to the Earths to the Earths crust. True
6. Is MAGMA below/above the Earths Surface? Below
7. Is MAGMA below/above the Earths Surface? Above
8. How many tectonic plates are there? 7
9. Do tectonic plates move Naturally or Physically move? Naturally
10. True/False: We live on Earths crust True
11. What is a Tectonic Plate? The theory that tectonic plates move making new land forms and natural disasters.
12. Is the Earths surface flexible? No
13. Is that Earth a solid shape? No
14. How do Earthquakes form? When Tectonic plates spread apart.
15. What is the THINNEST layer of the Earth? The Crust
16. Is the Earth broken up? If so, what are the objects that are the earths broken shape? Yes; Tectonic Plates
17. What is the Earth Moving Around?A. The Moon B. The Sun C. Jupiter D. Mercury B. The Sun
18. What is the Moon Moving Around?A. The Earth B. The Sun C. Jupiter D. Mercury A. The Earth
19. What is a volcano with water? A Geyser
20. What is inside a Geyser? Boiling Water
21. What plate do we live in now? The North American Plate
22. What are the three minor plates? The Arabian, Nazca, and Philippines.
23. True/False: Tectonic Plates move 2 to 20 cm every year. True
24. Where 2 tectonic plates is called what? Boundary
25. Another Definition for tectonic plates is what? Ridge Pieces
26. True/False: Tectonic Plates can move in all directions. True
27. True/False: Tectonic Plates can Shatter. False
28. True/False: Tectonic Plates are Flexible. False
29. How can Tectonic Plates make Earthquakes? When they Move apart.
30. True/False: Tectonic Plates can cause volcanoes to erupt. True

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