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the mini civil war that happened in kansas between pro/anti slavery groups bleeding kansas
the organized way to vote for or against slavery popular sovereignty
the issue in 1850 when california was split into two compromise of 1850
henry Clay authored a new compromise 4 things; 1.cali would be admitted as a free state in US2. 2 new territories were createed Utah and New Mexico3.slavery was outlawed in Wash DC4. to make Southern Americans happy very strict slave laws were passed
land north of ohio river was considered as free but south of ohio river was considered slave territory Missouri compromise 1820
based on the location Missouri should be ______ but the citizens wanted _______ free slavery
congress decided South Missouri would be ______ and North would be _____ slave land South Free land North
unsettled lands at this time of Kansas- Nebraska act 7 ofthem Montana, North and South Dakota,Wyoming,Nebraska,Kanasas,Oklahoma
who got this unsettled land and organized it into2 new territories Stephen Douglas
the two territories Stephen douglas established Nebraska and Kansas
Douglas made a ___________ from illinois to pacific ocean railroad
nebraska and kansas voted by popular sovereignty
nebraska voted to be ______ territorykansas voted to be ________ territory free-nebslave-kans
some famous abolitionists are fredrick Douglass, Harriet tubman,nat turner , john brown
both black and white fought for the us to end _______ slavery
the two men running for illinois senate in 1858<(know date) abe lincoln and stephen douglas
many northern democrats left the party because of _____ popular sovereignty
aberaham lincoln represented for the ___________ party republican
lincoln and douglas debated around 7 times around illinois before the election thousands of people from around the world came to watch them argue
douglas thinks that slavery in new states should always be voted by _____________ popular sovereignty
abe Lincoln thinks the republican position on slavery was that the us new states and territories should be ______ free
who won the lincoln and douglas debate stephen douglas
abe Lincoln elected for president in the year 18–
dred Scott was born in _______ as a _________ virginia as a slave
Scotts owner died but what was his owners name John
scott was kidnapped and his argued that he should be free as a slave. did he win this argue? no he didn't, after years of arguing they decided that he shouldn't be able to sue bc he didn't have legal rights
Nat Turner was a slave from Virginia but he led a rebellion; that murdered ______ ppl 57 people
John Brown felt that God had commanded him to free slaves. 6 abolitionists supported him and gave him money to support. he used this money to ______ build an army of 18 men
the armies goal was to capture the us weapons arsenal at ________,Virginia harpers Ferry
his army was very successful so robert e lee was sent with a group of marines to take weapons. this army killed ___ people and _____ brown alive 10 of browns ppl and captured brown alive
facts bat Abe LInc February 12 republican against slvery 16th presidant
abe licoln grew up with little __________ and schooling he was really self taught education
lincoln moved to _______ at age _ _ illinois age 21
he was a ____ b4 he was a republican whig
he had two nicknames what were they honest abe and log cabin president
why was he called log cabin president b/c he was grown up in a log cabin by poor parents
he married a woman named ——- and had 3 — Mary Todd 3 sons
the southern states seceded from the union as a result abe lincokn election due to the fact; that he opposed the spread of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ slavery

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