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A comparison of two or more items, saying something is something else metaphor
An exaggeration hyperbole
A commonly understood expression that does not literally make sense idiom
a comparison of two or more items often using "like" or "as" simile
giving a nonhuman qualities that only a human has personification
“Is your suitcase full of gold bricks or something?” metaphor
"Further on, he catches the eye of a young woman walking the opposite way. " idiom
“Me? Why, I never cracked a safe in all my life!” hyperbole
"Look at that combination dial- jerked out as easy as a radish in wet weather." simile
"She continues past, but Jimmy stays frozen in place." metaphor
"So the big day is right around the corner, eh?" metaphor
"His eyes search the ceiling as though the solution to his current case might be found there." simile

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