southern colonies

Question Answer
white landowners helped meet this need through the use of ? enslaved Africans
Who arrived in 1619 aboard a Dutch trading vessel? the first group of 20 Africans
What does The story of of Virginia's first Africans shows? That not all people came to work in the colonies of their own free will
What did England also shipped to the colonies? criminals and prisoners
Who are Indentured Servants? To pay for their passage to America, these people agreed to work without pay for a certain length of time.
Maryland arose from who's dream? Sir George Calvert, Lord Baltimore.
when Calvert died, who inherited the colony? his son, Cecilius.
how did Virginia experience conflict? since the colony grew, settlers moved west and onto native american lands.
In 1663 King Charles II created a proprietary colony south of Virginia called? Carolina
John locked, an English philosopher, wrote a ________, a plan that outlined the jobs and powers of the colony's government. constitution
_____, founded in 1733, was the last British colony set up in America. Georgia
In Britain, _____–those who had debs– could be imprisoned if they were unable to pay what they owed. debtors
The British also hoped Georgia would block any Spanish attack on the colonies from? Florida
Carolina split into? northern and southern Carolina.
why did debtors, religious refugees from central Europe and a small group of Jews, settled in Britain. Because settlers complained that Oglethorpes's rules, especially the limits on landholding and the bans on slave labor and run.

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