SOTW Ch. 19

Question Answer
One of England's most famous kings who spent a lot of time off fighting in the crusades King Richard I
Because of Richard's courage in battle, he became known as Richard the _______________. Lionhearted
Who were the two people your book mentioned that King Richard quarreled with and insulted? the king of France and the Duke of Austria
What happened to King Richard when he headed back home to defend his throne? the Duke of Austria took him and put him in a prison tower
Who was King Richard's faithful friend who searched all over for him? Blondel
John was Richard's brother. What was his nickname? John Lackland
How did King Richard die? Shot by a stray arrow in a meaningless battle close to home
Was King Richard ever able to recapture Jerusalem? No
Describe how King Richard looked. Tall, golden-haired, strong, and broad-shouldered (king-like)
Describe how King John looked. Short, plump, and balding (not king-like)
What did King John do in an attempt to prove he was a great warrior like his brother? He fought battle after battle with France.
Blondel found King Richard by ____ _ _____. humming a tune
What is a civil war? when soldiers are fighting in their own country, against their own people
The noblemen forced John to sign the ________ ___________. Magna Carta
Who was the mysterious man who stole from the rich and gave to the poor? Robin Hood

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