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The powers kept by the states are called reserved powers True
The government body that has the last word on the meaning of Which the US constitution is the Supreme court True
According to the preamble, it is the states that join together to establish the constitution False it is the people that join together to establish a more perfect union
States has less power under the Articles of Confederatuon that they have under the Constitution. False
One weakness of the Articles of Confederation was that the Confederation Congress could not enforce its laws. True
The Virgina Plan gave equal representation to all states in congress, which favored small states. The New Jersey Plan based representaion on population, favoring large states False
Shays rebellion convinced many national leaders that the articles of confederation were too weak to govern the country True
The constitution gives congress the power to coin and borrow moeny, which it had not under the Articles of Confederation False
The framers made it easier to amend the constitution than it had been to change the Artices of confederation False
John lockes ideas about the seperation of powers inpsired framers False
Which part of the constituion gives the congress a flexible way of interpreting its powers to act Nessasry and poper clause
Who said This new national government will have power to overwhelm the state and exercise tyranny over the people Anit federalists
Popular sovereighty = what phrase We the people
What was the purpose in writing the federalist defned the constitution
Whats was a provision of the constituion that clearly reflects the principal of pop sov. voters can reject or replace represenatives who serve them poorly
why did the delegates to the constitution convention decide to replace the articles of confederation They felt tgat the current ogvern,et= was to weak to deal with the nations many problems
During Shays rebellion, an armed group of citizens showed the weakness of the confederation government by attacking a federa arsenal building
what promise did the federalists have to make about the constitution to help win support for its ratification add a bill of rights
Articls 4 of the constitution explains the relationship between the states and The national government
As one of the compromised over slavery the constitution blocked congress passing any law ending the trade of enslaved peersons untill what date 1808
On expressed power of congress stated in the constitution is the power to coin and print money
Under the system of checks and balances set up by the constitution, the legislative branch has the power to refuse to approve treaties
which house of represenatives is based on proportoional representaton house of represenatives
what phrase identifies one of the fundamental purposes of government described in the premable to the constitution ensure domestic tranquility
the president has the role of commander in chief which branch has the power to delcare war legislative branch
in what way was it difficult to amend the articles of confederation one state could block a change in the articles
why was the national government under the constitution stronger than the national government under the articles of confederatio it had the power t enforce the laws
Article 3 of the constitution provided for the creation of one supreme court and what additional courts loeer courts that congress thought nessacry
in adding bills of rights to new state constitutions, americans were inspired by eniglsih bill of rights
what was the framers goal in making a federal government with limited power and officials subject to the rule of law protect induviudla freedoms
abolitipn a change that was accomplshed through a constituional amendment
article 1 outlines the lawmaking powers of the legislative branch or congress
article 2 desbrives the pwers of the exectuive branch
concurrent powers powers shraed by the states and federal governe,tns
federalists supportes of the constitution
implied powers power that the congress has that is not stated expilivty;ly in the constitution
reserve powers pwoers that the constitution does not give to the national government that are kept by the states
supreacy clause thee clause in article 6 of the constitution that makes federal laws prevail over state laws whe ther is a conflict
supreme court has the final authority on interpreting the constitution
anti federalists tose who opposed ratification of the desbries how and when the constitution can be changed
article 3 judcial bracnh
article 5 desbries how and when the constitution can be changed
checks and balances A system in which each branch of povernment is able to check or restrain the power of thers
confederations a gorup of induviduals or state governemtns
constitution A detalitaed written plan for governemtn
executive branch the branch of governkment that carries out laws
federalism a form of government in which power is divided bewteen the federal or nationals government and the states
limited government a government that can do only what the people allow it to
the highest law in the nation is the idea that power lies with the people
amendment any change in the constitution
bicameral A legislative consisting of two parts, or houses
constitution convention meeting of state delegates in 1787 leading to adoption of a new constitution
electoral college a group of people named by each state legislativw
Judicial branch The branch of government that interprets laws
legistlative branch the law making branch of government
ratify to vote approval
rule of law Princple that the law applies to everyone, even those who govern
separtion of powers the split authority among the legislative executive and judical branches
pop sov. government recieves its power from the people

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