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cotton gin created by Eli Whitney; a machine to remove the seeds from cotton; resulted in increased productivity and increased demand for slaves; cotton became king in the South and dominated the Southern economy
Samuel Slater Father of the American Factory system1793- Built first successful U.S. textile mill
Francis Lowell Expanded textile production; Brought all parts of the cloth-making process into one factoryLowell; build a mill town; Most employees were young women who lived by strict rules in mill-owned boardinghouses & worked 14-16 hrs/day
Robert Fulton began first successful steamboat passenger service in 1807 with his boat the Clermont; led to increased use of steamboats for trade and travel
National Road 800 mile road from Cumberland, Maryland to Vandalia, IllinoisTook 30 years to complete
Eerie Canal Connected the Great Lakes & Hudson River; Decreased cost of shipping to the West, opening the West as a market for Northern manufactured goods & the North for Western farm goods; Established NYC as a trade center; led to a canal construction boom
Samuel F.B. Morse revolutionized the telegraph by creating a code that cold be used to transmit messages across long distances instantly
effect on the North growth of factories; wealth gap increased; more diversity as immigrants came to find jobs in new textile mills and other factories; more industrialized and urban economy
effect on the South King Cotton dominates states in the Cotton Belt; increased demand for slavery; even more reliant on agriculture and exports to Britain

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