Science Test Atmosphere, clouds, water cycle

Question Answer
What are the gases in the air and their percentages? Nitrogen (78%)Oxygen (21%)Carbon Dioxide (0.03%)Other gasses (0.03%)
What are the layers of the atmosphere from closest to Earth to farthest away? TroposphereStratosphereMesosphereThermosphereExosphere
What are some specific facts about the troposphere? It is the layer closest to Earth. Most weather occurs here. It also has the most water vapor.
Explain the first two steps of the water cycle. 1. Evaporation – The sun causes the liquid water to change into water vapor (a gas)2. Condensation – When the water vapor cools, it forms water droplets – in clouds.
Explain the second two steps of the water cycle. 3. Precipitation – When water falls back to Earth as rain, snow, sleet or hail.4. Runoff – When precipitation hits the ground, it is either absorbed or spreads over the surface of the Earth.
Describe a cumulus cloud and what type of weather it brings. Cumulus clouds are puffy, lumpy-looking clouds often with flat bottoms. Signal fair weather. If they are dark, it can mean rain or thunderstorms.
Describe Cirrus clouds and what type of weather they bring. Cirrus clouds are high, thin, wispy clouds – almost like feather formed mostly of ice crystals. Signals fair to cool weather.
Describe Stratus clouds and what type of weather they bring. Straus clouds are layers of clouds that spread out covering a large area – like fog! They are lower in the sky and can be associated with stormy or rainy weather.
What is a cumulonimbus cloud? A cloud that is dark and may signal rain or thunderstorms. Developed from cumulous clouds.
Which layer of the atmosphere protects us from sun's UV rays? Stratosphere
Which layer is the thinnest layer of the atmosphere? Exosphere
Snow, rain, hail, and sleet are all forms of what? Precipitation
Dew on the grass in the morning occurs because water vapor in the air does what? What stage in the water cycle is this? It condenses. It is the condensation phase.
During evaporation, what happens to the state of water? It turns into a vapor/gas.
During condensation, what happens to the state of water? It turns into liquid (water droplets)
During precipitation, what happens to water? It falls back to Earth.
What does water try to do during run-off? Goes back to bodies of water. Some soaks into the ground.
Clouds are made of what? Water droplets/ice crystals.
What kind of weather do cirrus clouds mean? Fair to cool weather.
Which clouds bring fair weather, and are puffy with flat bottoms? Cumulus clouds
Which clouds cover the lower part of the sky like a blanket and bring rain? Straus clouds
What is an example of a stratus cloud? Fog
What is the atmosphere? The atmosphere surrounds the Earth. It contains gases vital to living things. It protects from harmful radiation by the sun.
What atmospheric level to jet planes travel in? Stratosphere
What are some facts about the mesosphere? Almost no ozone or water vapor. Very cold.
What are some facts about the thermosphere? Air is thin gets hot when sun is active.
What atmospheric levels to atoms escape into space? Exosphere

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