science pangaea

Term Definition
what is pangaea the supercontinent made of all continents that existed millions of years ago
who proposed the clain of a supercontinent alfred wegener
what was his claim on continental drift the continents had once been joined in one supercontinent that he called pangaea and have slowly drifted to their present day locations
which ocean separated south america from africa atlantic ocean
what type of climate do glaciers form very cold
why did wegener suggest that continents in the southern hemisphere had a colder climate long ago south america and africa had evidence of glaciers
what was glossopteris a tropical fern
where was it found all of the southern continents
what was mesosaurus a freshwater reptile
what is significant about the fossils of mesosaurus that were found they were fossil remains found in south america and africa
which fossil alone supports the idea that all continents were once joined fossil of the fern glossopteris
why did scientists argue with wegener's continental drift hypothesis he could not sufficiently explain how th continents were moved
when did scientists began to explore the seafloor late 1950s
what did they use sonar
how does it work it bounces sound waves off of underwater objects and records the echoes of the sound waves
who began studying the seafloor harry hess
what is the mid ocean ridge a ridge that forms along a crack in the ocean crust
where is it located atlantic ocean
what is seafloor spreading molten materiel splits apart the strip of solid rock that formed before, pushing it down
how does the sediment near the ridge compare to the sediment farther away from the ridge it gets older and older further down the ridge
where was the first evidence used to support seafloor spreading found mid ocean ridge
what creates earths magnetic field spinning of the inner core
what is normal polarity where the magnetic field is close to the present day south pole
what is reversed polarity the north end of the agnetic field is close to present day south pole or ocean floor
how does the basalt that forms during seafloor spreading record a magnetic signature most basalt magmas contain abundant molten iron, as magma hardens to rock
name the two types of evidenve svientists use to support the theory of seafloor spreading: magnetic strippingage of rocks.
how does seafloor spreading help explain the continental drift hypothesis it explains how the continents drifted
what three forces drive plate movement convection. gravity. pressure
what is a subduction zone a process where the ocean floor inks beneath a deep ocean trench and back into the mantle
name the two types of crust and characteristics oceanic. continental.
what is the lithosphere made of crust and upper mantle
what is the asthenosphere made of upper mantle
which sphere moves the plates asthenosphere
where is the oldest ocean crust found as far as possible from mid ocean ridge
what is formed at a subduction zone trench
which factor is found at all plate boundaries volcanoes and earthquakes
what happens at a convergen boudary tectonic plates collide with eachother
what happens at a divergent boundary moving away from eachother
what happens at a transform boundary past each other
what is a hotspot a volcanicaly active location
where are most volcanoes and earthquakes located pacific plate
what is this place known as ring of fire
what two things increase the deeper you go into the earth/ocean pressure and temperature
what is the theory of plate tectonics theory describing how earths plates move and what happens when they interact
what plate do we live on north america
what is subduction the process by which the ocean floor sinks into the mantle
latitude lines run…… east to west
longitude lines run……. north to south
what is the name of the latitude line located at 0 degrees equator
what is the name of the longitude line located at 0 degrees prime meridian
what city is the prime meridian located in city of greenwich and country of UK
how do latitude and longitude work to help us find location on the globe pinpoint exact locations anywhere on the earth
what is an earthquake shaking of earth
what are they caused by the movement fo the plates
what is a seismograph used for to record the shaking of the earth
what is a righter scale used for to measure intesity

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