Science 7.1

Term Definition
Accretion The process in which particles of dust and rock slowly come together due to gravity to form a larger object
Binary Star System Two stars that orbit a common center of mass
Black Hole A collapsed star in which light cannot escape its gravitational field
Galaxy A large group of stars attracted to one another by gravity
gravitational lensing The bending of light rays due to the distortion of space caused by a massive object such as a black hole
Gravity The force that causes all matter to collect together
Light Year The distance a light travels per year app 9500000000000km
Milky way The galaxy in which the solar system is located
Nebula A cloud of gas found in the empty space between stars birthplace
Nuclear fusion Hydrogen to helium causing heat and light
Parallax A technique used to measure the distance to other stars
Parsec An astronomical unit of length equal to 3.26 light years
Protoplanetary disk Disk of gas surrounding protostar form planets
Protostar Collapsing cloud of gas that becomes a star
Radiation pressure the force produce by radiation from pressure caused by heat
Stellar Parallex Change in position of star due to earth moving
Supermassive black hole A black Hole much larger than our sun

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