s and p touch, taste and smell

Question Answer
Papillae Taste buds (Evolutionary perspective)
Sensory Interaction the principle that one sense may influence anotherThe combination of taste & smell create flavor, wine tasters
touch Processed in the Somatosensory Cortex in the Parietal Lobe, sensation, pressure and warmth
Pacinian Corpuscle Highly responsive to touch & only receptor that responds to vibrations
henry harlow monkey project ( touch)
Endorphins body’s natural pain killer, inhibit nerves from firing and minimizes pain
Gate-Control Theory spinal cord contains a neurological “gate” that blocks or allows pain signals to the brain
Gate Control Theory plane Opened- by the activity of small nerve fibers Closed- by activity of larger fibers or by information coming from the brain
Kinesthesia System of sensing the position and movement of individual body parts
Vestibular Sense ur sense of balanceLocated in our semicircular canals in our ears.

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