s and p monocular

Question Answer
Retinal Disparity because of the distance between the two eyes, each eye sees a slightly different image
Convergence brain determines distance based on muscles that turn the eyes
Relative Size larger objects appear closer, smaller objects appear further away
Texture Gradient sharp, detailed objects are close, less detail & sharpness is further away
Interposition (Relative Position) If one figure appears to overlap or cover another object, it is perceived as being closer.
Linear Perspective parallel lines seem to come together off in the distance
Height in a plane (Relative Height) Objects found higher in our visual field are seen as being further away than objects in our lower field of vision
Light & Shadow (Relative Brightness) Brighter objects appear closer than further objects.
Atmospheric (Aerial) Perspective Clear objects appear nearer, hazy objects appear further away.
Motion Parallax (Relative Motion) Objects near you appear to move faster, objects off in the distance appear to move more slowly

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