s and p Hearing

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Retina photoreceptors (rods & cones) located at the back wall of the eye, begins transduction
Fovea focal point of vision
Optic Nerve Carries electrical impulses to the occipital lobe, blindspot
Iris muscle that controls pupil size
Pupil- opening of the eye
Cornea Cover, protects lens
Lens Bends & focuses light waves
Vitreous A thick, transparent liquid that fills the center of the eye its mostly water and gives the eye it's shape and from
Rods light & movement sensitive, located in the peripheral areas of the retina
Cones color& detail sensitiveClustered around the fovea (central focus of the retina)
Foveal Vision highest visual acuity, see details and sharpness
Peripheral Vision- ods detect movement & shape

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