Question Answer
agglutination clumping antigen with antibodies
aggregation clumping of platelets, blood cells, or disease
hemo blood
stenosis narrowing
sclerosis hardening
ostomy surgical opening
oxia condition of oxygen
anastomosis reconnect of two vessels
vein toward
artery away
para next to, beside
myopathy disease of muscle
megaly enlargement
dyspnea difficult breathing
angio blood vessel
sphhygomo pulse
peri around
polesis formation
athero fatty plague
arterio artery
endo within
thrombo clot
capillary venules and arterioles exchange of gases and nutrients
CAD coronary artery disease
CABG coronary artery bypass graph
CHF congestive heart failure
AAA abdominal aortic anerysm
MI myocardio infraction
AED automatic eternal defibrillator
CPR cardio pulmonary resuscitation
ACLS advanced cardiac life support
BBB bundle branch block
CCU cardiac care unit
CF cardiac failure
pul semilunaraortic semilunar valves
Layers of heart 1. endocardium (most inner layer)2. myocardium 3. viceral pericardium4. parietal pericardium5. fibrous pericardium (most outer layer)
Left CHF decrease cardiac outputblood backs up in pulmonary circulationsymptoms dyspnea, cyanosis
RT CHF blood backs up systemicallysymptoms legs edemadigestive edema
MI Signs angina, arm pain left, scapula shoulder, jaw pain, sternum, upper abdomen

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