Pure Sub. & Mixtures

Question Answer
What is a pure substance? A pure substance is only one kind of particle.
What is a mixture? A mixture is two or more particles MIXED together.
Matter is anything that has… That has mass and takes up space.
Chemistry is the study of… Matter and its changes.
What is the particle theory? THe particle theory helps scientist understand two key things, what matter is and how it behaves.
What is a solid? A solid is when the particles stay in there spot but they can vibrate.
What is a liquid? A liquide is when the particles are close together but they can move around.
What is a gas? A gas is when the particles are farther apart and have more room to move around.
What is a homogeneous/solution mixture? A homogeneous mixture is a mixture that looks like it is a single substance but is really two.
What mechanical/heterogeneous mixture? A mechanical mixture is two or more substances mixed together but you can see all substances.

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