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If a bottle of Protonix has a manufacturer-assigned expiration date of 09/2015, what is the last day it can be used? September 30, 2015
What is the generic name for Keppra? Levetiracetam
Which insulin formation(s) is/are considered to be "rapid acting?"A. NovologB. LevemirC. ApidraD. Both A and BE. Both A and C E. Both A and C (Novolog and Apidra)
Name three rapid acting insulins. ApidraHumalogNovolog
Name 2 short acting insulins Humulin RNovolin R
Name 2 intermediate acting insulins. Humulin NNovolin N
Name 3 long acting insulins LantusLevemirToujeo
Name 1 ultra long acting insulin Tresiba
What is the route of administration for Xalatan (Lantanoprost)?A. OticB. OphthalmicC. OralD. TopicalE. Rectal B. Ophtalmic
Which drug class is associated with a dry, nonproductive cough? Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor(ACE Inhibitors)
A patient who takes Coumadin is more likely to experience bleeding problems when taking which medications. (Select all that apply)Aspirin Naproxen Augmentin CiprofloxacinClindamycin All of them
What is the generic name for Singulair? Montelukast
What is the generic name for Desyrel? Trazadone
What is the generic name for Dilantin? Phenytoin
What is the generic name for Tessalon? Benzonatate
What is the generic name for Valium? Diazepam
What is the indication for Meloxicam? Inflammation
What is the indication for Fexofenadine? Allergies
What is the indication for Olmesartan? Hypertension
What is the indication for Fentanyl? Pain
What is the indication for Zolpidem? Insomnia
Which agency is responsible for enforcing the Federal Controlled Substances Act? DEA
What is the name of the form used to order Schedule II controlled substances? DEA Form 222
Which DEA Form is used to report the destruction of controlled substances? DEA Form 41
Which DEA Form is used to report the theft or loss of controlled substances? DEA Form 106
The Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) is intended to prevent accidental deaths in which age group? 5 years and younger
What is the name of the REMS program for isotretinoin? iPLEDGE
What is the name of the REMS program for Thalidomid (thalidomide)? THALIDOMID REMS
What is the name of the REMS program for Tikosyn (Dofetilide)? T.I.P.S.
What is the name of the REMS program for Clozaril (Clozapine)? Clozaril National Registry
What is the the maximum amount of pseudoephedrine one person may purchase in a day? An individual may purchase up to 3.6 grams of pseudoephedrine in one day, but not more than 9 grams in a 30 day period. If purchasing by mail, the limit is 7.5 grams in any 30-day period.
Why is Thalidomide only available through a restricted drug program? Thalidomide is known to cause birth defects.
In what order should clean room garb be donned? Shoe covers,Gloves,Gown,Face mask,Hair cover, 1. Shoe covers 2. Hair cover3. Face mask4. Gown5. Gloves
When selecting a filter for Total Nutrient Admixtures (TNAs), which contain emulsfied fat droplets, what is the optimal filter pore size? 1.2 microns1.2 micron pores are large enough to allow fat droplets yup pad through the filter without clogging it.
Which two substances are most likely to bind with calcium to form as insoluble precipitate?A. Vitamin C & phosphateB. Vitamin D & biotinC. Vitamin B6 & saw palmettoD. Vitamin A & atovastatinE. Vitamin E & chlorine A. Vitamin C & phosphateOver time, vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) breaks down to a substance called oxalate, which readily binds to calcium and forms insoluble precipate.
An order comes in for norepinephrine 10 mg in 250 mL of D5W. How many vials of norepinephrine will you need to open to prepare this order if the norepinephrine comes in 4 mg/4 mL vials? 3 vials. You will a volume equal to 2.5 vials to prepare the order; however, you will need to open 3 vials. 10?4= 2.5
You are using a Class A prescription balance with a sensitivity requirement of 6 mg. With this balance, you are able to measure 300 mg of a substance within __ % of error. 2% Error= (sensitivity requirement/ measured weight) x 100% = (6mg/300mg) x 100% = 2%
You receive an order for 90 mL of lidocaine 4% nasal spray. You will use normal saline solution and 10% lidocaine solution to compound this prescription. How much 10% lidocaine solution will be needed? 36 mL This is an alligation problem4 parts 10% lidocaine sol6 parts normal saline sol90 mL x 40% = 36 mL of 10% lidocaine
A pt presents a prescription for 450 mL of allopurinol 40/mL oral suspension. Allopurinol 100 mg is available from the manufacturer only as an oral tablet. How many will you need to pulverize and reiterate to compound this prescription. 180 tablets-determine how many mg of allopurinol ate needed to compound the entire prescription (450 mL x 40 mg = 18000 mg)Since there's 100 mg in each tablet18000 mg/100 mg = 180 tablets
Humalog and Novolog are examples of ______. A. Rapid acting insulinB. Brand name medicationsC. High alert medicationsD. All of the aboveE. Drug regimen reviews D. All of the above
Which two entities are working together in s campaign to eliminate the user of error-prone abbreviations? ISMP & FDA
For a physician to prescribe Suboxone outside of a narcotic treatment facility, he/she must have a special DEA number that begins with which letter? X
When handling needles, it is important to…A. Always recap the needle after it has been used. B. Never recap the needle after it has been used. C. Place the used needle in a red sharps container. D. Both A & C E. Both B & C E. Both B & C
Which FDA recall would be issued for a product that is unlikely to cause adverse health effects? Class IClass IIClass IIClass IVClass A Class IIIThere are 3 classes of FDA recalls. Class I recalls are the most severe. The Class III recall is the least severe.
Which technologies improve the quality of healthcare delivery? Computerized Physician Order Entry, E-Prescribing, DAW Codes, Bar-Code Technology, Prior Authorization Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)E-Prescribing Bar-code Technology
How many refills can a prescriber issue for a Schedule III controlled substance, and for what length of time is a C-III prescription valid unset federal law.? 5 refills6 months
What is Provigil (mofafinil) used for? A Schedule IV substance used to treat fatigue.
Is this DEA number valid? DEA # AS2389518 No.Apply the 4 step verification process. The last number of this DEA should be "1."Page 122
How many teaspoons are contained in 240 mL? 48 teaspoons 5 mL = 1 teaspoon
Cheratussin AC belongs to which schedule of controlled substances Schedule V controlled substances
Which of the following is the midst useful in the event of a recall? UPC CodeExpiration dateLot NumberManufacturer phone number Lot Number
Which reference would you use to determine if one drug product is therapeutically equivalent to another product? A. Lexi-CompB. Gold Standard Drug Database C. MicromedexD. Orange BookE. Sunrise Pharmacy D. Orange Book
If a prescriber writes a prescription for CCXL mL, how many mL should you dispense? 240 mL
Travatan Z eye drops should be stored at or between 2-25°C. Which environment would be acceptable? A. A cold environmentB. A cool environmentC. A room temperature environmentD. Both B & CE. All of the above E. All of the above
Which of the following programs could be used to maintain a record of a patient's medication history? MeditechMicromedex The Orange BookLexi-Comp Medicaid Meditech
Home infusion pharmacies specialize in dispensing… Sterile infusion products
Who is responsible for the administration of Medicare? CMS
Tanya weighs 210 pounds. Her physician prescribes a 0.3 mg/kg dose of amphotericin B. How many micrograms of amphotericin B should Tanya receive? 29,000 mcgPages 265 & 282
The dose of X Drug is 55 mg/m2 every 8 hours. How many mg of X Drug should be given over the course of 24 hours for a patient that is 6' and weighs 240 lbs? 390 mg
How many tablespoons are in 2 oz of a liquid? 4 Tablespoons1 Tablespoon = 15 mL
What option would be the most appropriate for cleaning a laminar airflow hood? 70% isopropyl alcohol
Which medication is not used to treat depression? Venlafaxine Fluoxetine Hydralazine Mirtazepine Escitalopram Hydralazine is a vasodilator used for the treatment of angina.
Your pharmacy acquired 30-tablet bottles of XYZ from their distributor at a WAC of $59.95. You are to set the retail price with markup of 12% and a dispensing fee of $11. A cash-paying patient calls asking for the price of 60 tablets of XYZ. How much? $145.29
PTCB certification must be renewed every ____ years. Every 2 years
Which law requires patient counseling by a pharmacist? Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
If the normal adult dose of clindamycin is 300 mg, then what is the dose for a 4 year old that weighs 60 pounds? Use Clark's Rule 120 mg60 lb/150 lb x 300 mg = 120 mg
While preparing an IV admixture you observe an unexpected color change. This is most likely a sign of… Incompatibility

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