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The consumer who is taking a liquid iron should be taught… to take the iron through a straw to avoid staining teeth.
Anuria refers to a daily urine output of less than _____ ml. 100
During colostomy irrigation, the irrigation bag should be hung _____ above the stoma. 18 inches
Pernicious anemia results from failure to absorb _________ in the GI tract and causes primarily GI and neurologic signs and symptoms. vitamin B12
A patient in a bladder retraining program should be given the opportunity to void __________ during the day and twice at night. every 2 hours
A consumer has been instructed to obtain a stool sample for ova and parasite test. Instructions should include: take the specimen to the lab without delay or refrigerate.
When caring for a patient with a nasogastric tube, the Psychiatric Technician should include: a water soluble lubricant.
An acetaminophen (Tylenol) overdose can severely damage the: liver.
An 83 year old complains to you about chronic constipation. Which dietary recommendation would you make? Increase foods high in fiber.
Oral care for a consumer with stomatitis includes: mouth rinses with hydrogen peroxide and water three times a day.
A patient with a gastric ulcer may complain of: gnawing and burning epigastric pain.
In developing a diet for a patient with a peptic ulcer, the psychiatric Technician should remember this guideline: Include foods in the diet that the patient can tolerate.
If a patient has a gastric tube in place to suction, the Psychiatric Technician should expect a physician's order for: potassium chloride.
Clients with gastric ulcers frequently complain of pain _________. shortly after eating.
The Psychiatric Technician should not give analgesics to a consumer with abdominal pain caused by appendicitis because: the drugs may mask the pain that accompanies a ruptured appendix.
When a rectal tube is used to relieve flatulence or enhance peristalsis, it should be inserted for no more than _____ minutes. 20
A consumer with _________ should consume a diet low in residue, fiber and high in calories, proteins, and carbohydrates and should take vitamin supplements (especially vitamin K). Crohn's disease
Which of the following is contraindicated in a patient with appendicitis, acute surgical abdomen, fecal impaction, or intestinal obstruction? Mineral Oil.
The consumer with cirrhosis may have portal hypertension. This condition can lead to which other complications? Esophageal varices.
The first symptom of pancreatitis is: steady epigastric pain or left upper quadrant pain that radiates from the umbilical area or back.
Serum levels of _______________ reveal whether the liver is adequately detoxifying medications. aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase
Alcohol is metabolized primarily in the: liver.
The total parental nutrition solution should be stored in a refrigerator and removed 30 to 60 minutes before because: cold fluid can cause pain and venospasm.
Constipation is a common adverse reaction to: aluminum hydroxide.
A patient undergoing dialysis should take a vitamin supplement and eat foods that are high in: calories.
The African-American client is being taught to observe for signs and symptoms of cyanosis in his son. Which of the following should be told to observe for? Ashen-gray lips and tongue.
The Psychiatric Technician is teaching the client to self-administer a transdermal patch. Which of the following should be included in the patient instructions? Rotate sites each time the patch is APPLIED.
The Psychiatric Technician is following up on the instructions given to a client using crutches. Which of the following instructions should the client be told? The client should report any numbness or tingling in the upper torso.
To allow him as much independence as possible, which of the following actions should be taken by the client who uses an ambulation aid (such as a cane or crutch)? Practice how to use the ambulation aid on various terrains.
When preparing the client to ambulate, which of the following should the Psychiatric Technician do? Have the client wear shoes with a nonskid sole.
The Psychiatric Technician needs to log roll the client. What is the minimum number of health care workers needed to accomplish this task? Two
The Psychiatric Technician needs to move the client up in bed. Which of the following is the first action the Psychiatric Technician should take? Lower the head of the bed to the lowest position.
The elderly client is going to self-administer a variety of medications at home. Which of the following is the greatest factor in determining if this client will be compliant with the drug administration regimen? The client's vision is impaired.
The 47 year-old hospitalized client is alert and oriented and reasonably active. Which of the following activities is it reasonable to have this client participate in? Intake and output measurement.
The client needs to incorporate ROM (range of motion) exercises into ADL. The exercise prescribed is rotation of the head. Which of the following exercises should the client be taught to do? Shaking head no.
The client is recovering from a mastectomy. Which of the following ADL is a good exercise for flexion of the shoulder? Brushing and combing the hair.
The Psychiatric Technician is instructing the client about dosage, purpose, and side effects about medications he will be taking at home. Which of the following actions taken by the Psychiatric Technician will be beneficial to the client? Provide frequent, short teaching sessions.
The client who is visually impaired will benefit most from which of the following when administering his own medication? Use aids such as pillboxes with color-coded compartments.
The client recovering from hip replacement surgery finds it difficult to use the toilet at his home. Which of the following would be the most reasonable approach for this client? Have a raised toilet seat installed in the client's bathroom.
The client newly diagnosed with diabetes is learning to administer insulin injections to himself. Which of the following would be important for the Psychiatric Technician to know as he teaches the client about this task? The client is able to manipulate a syringe.
The client recovering from an accident is paralyzed on the left side. He is otherwise active and has good flexibility. Which of the following would best allow this client to meet his need to dress himself? Velcro closures.
The Psychiatric Technician is interviewing the newly admitted client with a history of cardiac problems. Which of the following questions would be most appropriate to ask of this client? "Are you able to sleep flat on your back?"
Which following exercise would be most appropriate for the Psychiatric Technician to assist the inactive client with limited mobility? Moving the client's limbs through tolerated degrees of movement.
The elderly client has been on bed rest for 2 days and now has a doctor's order to begin ambulation. Which of the following should be the first action taken by the Psychiatric Technician who is assisting the client? Raise the head of the bed so the client is sitting up.
The Psychiatric Technician has been asked to arrange ambulatory services for the discharge of an elderly client needing follow up with management of his diabetes. Which of the following is considered to be ambulatory services? Geriatric outpatient clinic.
The post-op client is getting out of bed for the first time after surgery. Which of the following actions taken by the Psychiatric Technician will best facilitate the client's ability to complete this activity? Give prescribed Demerol so it peaks when the client is getting out of bed.
The client is recovering from a stroke that has left her with weakness of the right hand. Which of the following actions taken by the Psychiatric Technician would best allow this client to tend to her personal hygiene? Provide her with a washcloth or sponge mitt.
The Psychiatric Technician is teaching the client with a full leg cast to bathe himself. This is considered which of the following? Activities of daily living.
The client is in the terminal phase of her illness. Her ADL should be performed how? By the client as long as she is able.
When bathing the client, which is the best technique for cleaning the eyes? Clean the eyes from the inner to outer canthus.
The client had a CVA three years ago that resulted in right-sided hemiparesis. You are assisting the client with getting dressed in the morning. Which technique is most appropriate? Assist the client to put the shirt on the right arm then have the client put on the left sleeve.
You are assisting your client who has had a stroke. She needs help getting into the wheelchair. Which is the best way to place the wheelchair? Position the chair by the client's unaffected side with the bed locked.
Your clients oral temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. You will be taking the client to the park for the day. The outdoor temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is the most appropriate intervention for this client? Dress the client in warm clothing with a hat.
Your client has a sprained ankle. You had the client rest, applied ice and placed the elastic wrap as ordered. What is your next action? Elevate the extremity on a pillow or stool.
You are administering morning medications to your client in the group home. Which is the best fluid to have available for the client to swallow the medications? Water
Your client has returned from the acute hospital after having abdominal surgery with an abdominal dressing that needs to remain intact for 2 more days. Which type of dressing will be most helpful to avoid skin irritation from the tape? A Scultetus bandage placed on the abdomen.
Your client has had a new onset stroke. The family asks why they cannot understand what the client is saying. You explain to the family, that as a result of the stroke the client may be exhibiting: Expressive aphasia
Your client tripped on the curb. Subsequently, he was taken to the urgent care where a fractured radius was diagnosed. A plaster cast was applied to the extremity. What teaching is essential for the client with a cast? Do not place objects between the cast and the arm.
You are reading the lab work that was returned for your client. Which value, on the urinalysis, would be considered within normal parameters? Specific gravity 1.020
What information should you provide for your client who is on tetracycline for chronic acne prior to an outing? Have the client wear sunglasses and a hat.
Your client has been prescribed Motrin, a common NSAID for chronic knee pain. Which routine assessment is necessary for this drug? Assess for ecchymosed areas.
When you review the drug history, your client indicates he has been taking aspirin three times a day for a sore knee. Which statement by the client is of most concern? Sometimes I hear a funny ringing in my ears.
The Psychiatric Technician is working in a drug rehabilitation facility. Clonidine (Catapres) has been ordered for the client. Which assessment is necessary prior to administration of the medication? Blood pressure
The Psychiatric Technician is discharging a client from the facility. Targeted teaching is done on the Lopressor (Metroprolol). Teaching shall include: You will not be able to drink grapefruit juice when taking this drug.
A client tells you that he is taking a drug to help lower cholesterol. As a result, you instruct the client to avoid grapefruit juice since this may cause: Renal failure
The client has been constipated and a cleansing enema is ordered. The Psychiatric Technician knows that the following guideline is necessary: Use water that is 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
A return flow enema is ordered for a client after abdominal surgery. Which statement reflects the correct technique for this procedure? The container is held 12 to 18 inches above the client then lowered toward the floor to help relieve flatus.
A parent called the clinic to indicate that her child has been itching around the anus. The Physician indicates helminthes may be the cause. The best technique to obtain the specimen is: Apply cellophane tape to the anus to capture the eggs
The client has had Haloperidol (Haldol) ordered for agitation. The client will be discharged on the medication with a caregiver. What information is necessary to convey to the caregiver? Do not withdraw the medication abruptly.
Your client has a soap suds enema ordered. Which statement below is correct for the administration of a soap suds enema? 1 tsp. or 5 ml castile soap per 1000 ml of water.
In an adult, a hemoglobin level below 11mg/dl suggests that the patient has ____________ and needs further evaluation. iron deficiency anemia
A patient who is suspected of a head injury is kept N.P.O in order to prevent: vomiting which would increase his intracranial pressure.
Which explanation to the consumer best explains the cause of pneumonia? an infection of the lungs
Which diagnostic test(s) would be the most appropriate workup for tuberculosis? patient history, physical examination, chest x-ray, and sputum culture.
A patient diagnosed with pneumonia will be treated with specific antibiotics as determined by: sensitivity of the causative organism to the antibiotic.
When assessing for the signs and symptoms of pneumonia, the Psychiatric Technician is alert for: an increased T.P.R., cough, dyspnea, and mild chest pain.
A patient with pneumonia experiences pain when coughing. The Psychiatric Technician can help increase comfort by: splinting the patient's chest with a pillow while encouraging coughing and deep breathing on a regular basis.
The Psychiatric Technician caring for a patient that will need a closed reduction knows that this is: an external manipulation to realign fractured bone ends.
The Psychiatric Technician noticed that the cast edges were rough and causing some skin irritation. To make the client more comfortable, and to protect her skin, the Psychiatric Technician would: cover the rough edges of the cast with gauze dressing and notify the physician.
Because of immobility and pain medication, patient's with a full leg cast may experience: constipation
After 5 days in the cast, the psychiatric Technician noticed swelling of the patient's right toes. The Psychiatric Technician suspected circulatory impairment. The most important diagnostic finding to look for would be: numbness and tingling in the right toes.
A patient is taken to the emergency room after experiencing pain to a leg cast which was applied approximately 24 hours previous. The physician decided to bivalve the cast. A bivalve cast is one that: is splint along both sides to allow for swelling.
After 3 months, the patient's cast is to be removed. Cast cutters are noisy and often frightening. To avoid increased anxiety the patient should be told that: the cast cutter will be noisy but will not cut her skin.
The Psychiatric Technician knows that hepatitis B is primarily transmitted by: needle sticks.
Special isolation precautions should be taken with personal items belonging to a patient with hepatitis. The psychiatric Technician would be most careful with the person's: toothbrush.
Which of the following statements about diabetes is true? Diabetes is characterized by an abnormality of carbohydrate metabolism.
Which of the following are symptoms of diabetes? polyuria and polydipsia
The Psychiatric Technician knows that the sign of hypoglycemic reaction include: moist skin.
Assessment signs of hyperglycemia include: great thirst.
Which of the following measures should be taken for a patient experiencing a hypoglycemic reaction: give orange juice with sugar added.
Hepatitis is a disease of the: liver.
The client is drinking hot tea when the Psychiatric Technician goes to the bedside to take the vital signs. The best action is to: ask the client to not eat, drink, or smoke for 30 minutes and then take the vital signs.
The Psychiatric Technician inserted a rectal thermometer in an unconscious client and left the client unattended. The client moved, breaking the thermometer resulting in injury. The Psychiatric Technician can be held responsible for: negligence.
When teaching the client wound care prior to discharge, the Psychiatric Technician first instructs the client on good hand washing techniques. The rationale for this action is to: remove as many microorganisms from the skin as possible.
The Psychiatric Technician provides measures to keep the client's skin unbroken and in good condition primarily because: intact skin is the first line of defense against infection.
A client had an elevation of his WB C's. An elevated "W. B. C." might indicate that the client: has an infection.
A client is experiencing abnormal breathing which involves very deep to very shallow respirations with temporary apnea. This type of irregular breathing pattern is referred to as: Cheyne-Stroke's
A client is having her blood pressure taken by the Psychiatric Technician. The client asks, "what does blood pressure represent?" The best response the Psychiatric Technician would give is: It is a measure of the pressure exerted by the blood as it pulsates through the arteries.
A client that has crutches needs instructions on how to get upstairs. The Psychiatric Technician tells him/her to stand at the foot of the stairs bearing weight: on their good leg and crutches. Put weight on the crutch handles and lift the good leg up on the first stair. Put weight on the good leg, and lift the other leg and crutches up to that step. Repeat for each step.
A clinical manifestation of further hypoxia would be: hyperventilation.
A moderately retarded developmentally disabled client tells the Psychiatric Technician he has a reddish bump that is not sore on his penis? The Psychiatric Technician notifies the physician as this may be indicative of: syphilis
A patient diagnosed with a Stage III decubitus needs wound care. The Psychiatric Technician cleans the wound with an antiseptic: from clean to dirty.

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