Psych Chapter 8

Question Answer
Classical Conditioning form of associative learning in which a neutral stimulus becomes associated with a stimulus to which one has an automatic inborn response
CC Example Pavlov's Dogs, bee stings boy, boy feels pain, boy afraid of bees
Operant Conditioning process of changing behavior by manipulating the consequences of that behavior- hungry animal does something that is followed by food, most likely to repeat behavior if preceded with food, checking email, receive message, check email often
Pavlov Classical Conditioning
Skinner Operant Conditioning
Watson made baby little albert afraid of white rat and other white fluffy objects
Generalization afraid of all dogs
Discrimination afraid of a certain dog
Extinction weakening and disappearance of a conditioned response in the absence of reinforcement
Spontaneous Recovery the sudden reappearance of an extinguished response
Positive reinforcement addition of a stimulus to a situation increases the likelihood of a behavior EX: do all of the homework, get extra credit
Negative reinforcement removal of a stimulus after a behavior to increase the frequency of that behavior EX: beeper when you wont put on your seat belt
Positive punishment spanking, fined for parking, you stop parking there
Negative punishment get phone taken away for talking back, get x box taken away for bad behavior, etc….
Fixed consistent
Variable inconsistent
Ratio number of times
Interval passing of time, minutes, hours, days, etc…)

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