Pregnancy Terminolog

Question Answer
Gestation Age of pregnancy
Trimester Segment of pregnancy
Antepartum Total time of pregnancy
Interpartum Labor and birth
Postpartum Return to prepregnancy state
Gravida Number of pregnancies
Para Viable pregnancies at least 20 weeks gestation
Term 38 to 42 weeks gestation
Nullipara Woman who has not had a birth at more than 20 weeks gestation
Primipara Woman who has had 1 birth that occurred after the twentieth week of gestation
Multipara Woman who has had 2 or more pregnancies to the stage of fetal viability
Quickening First perception of fetal movement by the mother
Hagar's sign Compressibility and softening of the lower uterine segment that occurs at about 6 weeks
Goodell's sign Softening of the cervix that occurs at the beginning of the 2nd month
Chadwick's sign Violet coloration of the mucous membranes of the cervix, vagina, and vulva that occurs at about week 6
Ballottement Rebounding of the fetus against the examiners fingers on palpation
Engagement Presenting parts enter midpoint of pelvis at ischial spines
Decent Downward movement through pelvic inlet, through dilated cervix, reaches posterior vaginal floor.
Flexion Pressure from pelvic floor causes head to flex towards chest; chin touches chest
Internal rotation Occipital in diagonal position and rotates towards face down position
Extension Top of head delivered and extends as face and chin are delivered
External rotation Head rotates back to previous lateral position. Rest of body is delivered.
Gynecoid Rounded, oval shape; easy vaginal delivery; considered normal female pelvis; 50% of women
Android Vaginal delivery difficult; true male pelvis; 20% of women
Anthropoid Oval; assisted vaginal birth usually with forceps; 20-25%
Platypelloid Flattened pelvis; vaginal delivery difficult; <5%
Low birth weight 2500g or less

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