Plant/Animal Cells

Question Answer
Cytoplasm A liquid that organelles live in
Animal Cell A cell that does not have a cell wall
Photosynthesis Chemical procesa that converts sunlight to sugar
Mitosis This divides the nucleus
Mitochondria Is the powerhouse of the cell
Ribosome Is the protein factory
Theodore Scleiden Was the first to realize animals were made of cells
Nucleus Is where the DNA is found
Robert Hooke Is the first person to name cells, cells
Cell membrane Surrounds the outside of the cell
Lysosome Breaks down old cell parts
Cytoskeleton Supports the cell
Prokaryote A cell that does not have a nucleus
Vacuole Stores the cell's food and water
Golgi Body Transports and repackages plant cells
Plant Cell This cell contains chlroplasts
Chlroplasts Surrounds a plant cell
Eukaryote A cell that has a nucleus
DNA Genetic material found in a cell

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