Physical Science 6

Question Answer
Sedimentary Rock Rock formed when chemical reactions cement sediments together, hardening them.
Plastic Rock Rock that behaves like something between a liquid and a dolid.
Fault The boundary between two sections of rock that can move relative to one another.
Epicenter The point on the surface of the earth directly above an earthquake's focus
What have scientists observed in order to learn about the earth's interior? Scientists observe seismic waves.
Between what two regions of the earth can you find the Moho? Moho separates the crust from the mantle.
What causes the earth's magnetic field? Electrical flow in the core causes the earth's magnetic field.
What two theories attempt to explain the earth's magnetic field? Which theory is the most scientifically valid? The dynamo theory and the rapid-decay theory. The rapid-decay theory is more scientifically valid.
What major benefit do we get from the earth's magnetic field? The earth's magnetic field blocks cosmic rays from the sun.
In a survey of a deep ocean, sonar measurements detect a deep trench on the bottom that runs as far as the instruments detect. What is the most likely cause of the trench? The trench is most likely the site where one plate interacts with another.
Earthquake activity of 2 regions is measured. 1st region sits near the middle of one of the plates in earth's crust, while the other is very near a boundary b/w 2 plates. Which one will probably have the most earthquake activity? The region nearest the plate boundary should have more earthquakes.
If an earthquake measures 6 on the Richter scale and is followed by an aftershock that measures 4, how many times more energy was released in the original earthquake as compared to the aftershock? 1.024 times more energetic than the aftershock.
If a region of the earth has a lot of volcanic activity, what kinds of mountains do you expect to find there? You expect to find both volcanic mountains and domed mountains.
Many scientists think that at one time, all the continents might have fit together to form a supercontinent. What is the name of this supercontinent? Pangea

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