OA tooth morphology

Question Answer
Right incisors with greater mesial distal dimension Tooth 8
Left incisors with narrowest mesial distal dimension Tooth 24
Right lateral incisors with well developed lingual pit Tooth 7
Left tooth with nearly symmetrical appearance Tooth 24
Average age when the permanent dentition is present 12
Primary determinant of tooth color Dentin
Placement of contact between 8 and 9 Incisal 1/3
Right tooth with MI angle at 90 degrees Tooth 25
The lingual lobe of anterior teeth creates the Cingulum
All of the following are incisors except 11
Mandibular central proximal contact location Incisal 1/3
Narrowest medical distal width of incisors Mandibular central
Position of maxillary central facial height of contour Cervical 1/3
Most incisally placed mesial contact Mandibular central
Most prominent cingulum of incisors Max central
Tooth 10s root inclination Distal
What are the functions of permanent incisors Cut food, speech, esthetics
What are the universal annotations of the permanent incisors 7-10 , 23-26
When do 8 and 9 erupt 7-8 years
When is the root complete on 8-9? 10 years
When do teeth #7 & #10 erupt 8-9 years
Eruption dates of mandibular centrals? 6-7 years
Root complete on mandibular centrals 9 years
Which has more prominent marginal ridges max or mand Max incisors
How is the root of max incisors described Cone shaped
When do mandibular lateral incisors form 7-8 years
When do primary max central incisors form 7-8 months
When do primary mandibular central incisors form 6 months
When do primary maxillary lateral incisors form 9 months
When do primary mandibular lateral incisors form 7 months

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