neurological vocab cerebellum, brainstem, spinal cord

Question Answer
this portion of the brain is the second largest part and contains two hemisphetes with a convluted surface. this is posterior and inferior to the cerebrum cerebellum
this portion of the brain is responsible for coordination of volunatary movement and maintance of balance, and muscle tone cerebellum
this is located at the base of the brain and contains the mid brain, pon s and medulla oblongata brainstem
the medula oblungota, pons and midbrain contect ___ and the _____ spinal cord and cerebrum
this carries all all nere fibers between the spinal cord and the cerebrum brainstem
this forms the superior portion of the brainstem and to merges into the thalamus and the hypothalamus midbrain
this is responsible for motor movement and relay of impulses and auditory and reflexes and origina of cranial nerve iii and iv midbrain
the ____ connects the midbrain to the medulla oblongata the word means bridge pons
this is origin of cranial nerve v and viii pons
this is responsible to send impulse to the structures that are inferior and superior to it pons
this contains a respiratory center located in the medulla pons
this smooths the concept of swiming, juglling, playing piano. it is like the automatic pilote on an airplane cerebellum
sensory messages from the semicircular canals in the inner ear their messages to the cerebellum pons
this word means bridge pons
name the distal portion of the brainstem medula oblongota
this portion of the brain is the origin of the cranial nerv3es ix and xii medula
this portion of the brain controls heartbeat ,rhythm of breathing, swallowing,coughing,sneezing and vomiting and hicups (singultus) medula oblongota
this regulates the diameter of the blood vessesl which aid in the control of blood pressure vasomotor center
this is protected by three protective coverings brain and spinal cord
the three protective coverings are called the ___ and bathe the spinal cord and the brain in csf meninges
what are the three protective coverings dura mater (outermost), the arachnoid membrane and the second layer and the pia mater the innermost layer
this layer of the meningies provides oxygen and nourishment to the nervous tissue pia mater
this extends from the brainstem to the second lumbar veretebra spinal cord
this has two main functions the conducting impulse and to and from the brain and serving as a center for reflex actions such as knee jerk spinal cord

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