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McCulloch v. Maryland established the supremacy of the federal gov'mt over state gov'mts by ruling states could not tax the Bank of the US; upheld implied powers by recognizing the Bank of the US as Constitutional, opening up new/more implied powers
Gibbons v. Ogden established the supremacy of the federal gov'mt over state gov'mt by recognizing that federal law is over state law; reinforced Congress' authority to regulate interstate trade after disagreement between two steamboat operators on the Hudson River
Missouri Compromise settled tensions over slavery in 1820; admitted Missouri as a slave state & Maine as a free state; kept the balance (equal # of states) in Congress between free and slave states; slavery not allowed in new states above the 36'30 line but allowed below it
Adams- Onis Treaty transferred ownership of Florida to the US from Spain in exchange for part of the Louisiana Purchase in Texas along the Spanish territory border; clarified the boundary between Spanish territory and US territory
Rush Bagot Treaty limited the number of ships allowed on the Great Lakes to reduce tensions between the US & Great Britain after the War of 1812
Monroe Doctrine said that the US would recognize the independence of colonies breaking away from Spain & Portugal but would stay out of other countries' business; said that no new European territories would be allowed in North America
Hudson River School a group of painters who focused on American landscapes and gained fame for the beauty and realism of their paintings; increased pride and nationalism
Literary Nationalism based in romanticism; American writers such as James Fenimore Cooper, Washington Irving, William Cullen Bryant, Edgar Allen Poe; first time American works were seen as as good as/better than Europe; wrote about American themes and experiences
Era of Good Feelings the terms given to describe the time after the War of 1812 of growing nationalism, increasing US respect from other nations; and political peace in the US since we only had one party
American System plan for a protective tariff, a Second National Bank, and internal improvements like roads & canals to connect the nation; mostly passed over the span of years

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