Music Test 3

Term Definition
Classical Era Time Span? 1750-1820
The Symphony: 4 Movements Fast, slow, dance, fast
Who was named Papa? Franz Joseph Haydn
Where was Haydn born? Austria
Rules of Patronage System for Haydn? Compose all music requested by patron, conduct an all men 25 member orchestra, coach singers, and compose 150 pieces with baritone part for Nicholas Esterhazy
Who was Haydn a patron to and for how long? Prince Esterhazy (Hungarian) for 30 years
How many symphonies did Haydn write? 104
How many string quartets did Haydn write? 68
How many operas did Haydn write? 23
How many masses and oratorios did Haydn write? 6 & 2
What was Haydn most famous for? His string quartets
Who did Haydn teach? Mozart and Beethoven
When did Haydn die? age 77
What was special about the Esterhazy family? richest and most powerful Hungarian noble family
Haydn's symphony no. 94 was called what? The Surprise
Haydn wrote the Emperor String Quartet that had how many movements and what were they? 4 movements; 2 violins, 2 viola, 1 cello
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart child prodigy
Mozart's father was? Overbearing
Mozart was under what system? was it good or not good? Patronage System that was not good
Mozart's musical output consisted of what? Symphonies, concertos, chamber music and operas
What was special about Mozart's operas? He was the librettist
Sonata Allegro Form? 1. exposition (repeated) 2. development 3. Recapitulation 4. Coda (tail)
Who wrote Ein Kleine Nachtmusik? (Little Night Music) Mozart
What was a famous opera of Mozart? Don Giovanni
What type of opera was Don Giovanni? Blend of comic and serious opera
Ludwig van Beethoven had what kind of childhood? traveled childhood with a bad father
Beethoven was under what system? patronage system; the way he made money when he was older
When did Beethoven become deaf? at age 29
Beethoven had later works in what periods? classical and romantic
Who guarded there nephew that committed suicide? Beethoven
Beethoven wrote how many symphonies and what was special about the numbering? 9 symphonies (odd numbers=forceful & even=calmer)
Beethoven symphony no. 9 was called what? The Choral Symphony 'Ode to Joy"
Beethoven only what 1 opera, what was it? Fedelio
What three style periods did Beethoven write in? Early, middle, late
What inspired Beethoven to write the choral symphony? Brotherhood
Who is the choral symphony by Beethoven sung by? 4 soloists and a HUGE chorus
Beethoven's 5th symphony goes? Short, short, short, long
What era did the Romantic Period span? 1820-1900
Key Highlights of Romantic Period Revolutions, invention of telephone, light bulb, and camera.
Rubato slight holding back or pressing forward of tempo
Strophic all verses are sung to the same music
Through-composed new music for every stanza
Modified Strophic varies pattern in stanzas like theme and variations
Lied/lieder solo voice with piano accompaniment
Franz Schubert was born in? Vienna to a poor family
When did Schubert die? at age 31
Who was Schubert buried near? Beethoven
Musical compositions of Schubert included 600 lieder, song cycles, 8 symphonies, string quartets, short works for piano, masses and operas
Who composed the Erlkong (Earl King?) Schubert
What was the characters and brief story of Erlkong? father, child, death (Erlkong), and narrator (sang all by 1 person)Child gets spoken to by death and father does not believe the child but eventually the child is overtaken by death
What is the Song Cycle & who made it? Schubert; a set of songs on a single topic or with a specific story line (usually to poetry from a single source)
What did Robert Schumann do before he was a concert pianist? studied law
How did Robert Schumann's career end? He permanently injured his hand
Robert Schumann was born to? a middle class family
Who was Clara Weick? the 9 year old daughter of Schumann's piano teacher that he was in love with at age (18)
Robert Schumann had a rough life because of why and died at what age? attempts suicide, depression & nervous breakdowns; dies at age 46
Who was the better pianist between Clara and Robert Schumann? Clara and she was also a composer and child prodigy
Johannes Brahms was connected to the Schumann family because… He was a good friend and babysat their 7 children
Where was Johannes Brahms born? Hamburg, Germany
Who did Johannes Brahms meet on tour? Robert schumann and Liszt
Who is their a love triangle between? Brahms likes Clara and when Schumann dies they remain intimate friends
Opera Buffa Comic Opera
Requiem Mass of the Dead; usually sung in Latin
Who had a requiem sung at his mother's funeral and in what language? Brahms and in german
Franz Liszt was? a Hungarian pianist
Who was Liszt father a musician to? The Esterhazy family
When did Liszt begin concerts? At age 11
What were Liszt 2 separate careers? Piano Soloist and Composer
Who lived the first rockstar lifestyle? Liszt
Why was Liszt piano music difficult to play? He wrote it for himself to play and he had very long fingers
What did Liszt invent? The tone poem
What did Liszt compose? The Hungarian Rhapsody's
What did Schumann compose? Traumerei
Frederic Chopin was? a Polish pianist and composer
What kind of performances did Chopin have? Private performances because he was high society
Who was in love with Chopin? Aurore Dudevant (George Sands) Women disguised as a man because Chopin was homosexual and would be killed if he was seen with her
What did Chopin write? small works for piano; Minute Waltz and Revolutionary
What is Nationalism? 18th century music is international, music for entertainment, increases in 19th century
Lyric Opera between Grand Opera and Opera Comique
Opera Seria serious opera
Bel conto Beautiful singing
Exoticism thoughts of faraway places
Verdi's family life? Italian, poor, had benefactor (sponsor); lost children and wife within 1 year
Verdi fell in love with? His benefactor's daughter
What is Nabucco? Verdi's opera about King Nebuchadnezzar
How many operas did Verdi write? 28; Italian nationalist composer
Operas of Verdi: Macbeth (Shakespeare), La Traviata (Lady of the Camillas-Drinking song), Aida
Where was Puccini born? Lucca, Italy
Puccini was attracted to? Opera
What were examples of Puccini's operas? Madame Butterfly, Manon Lescaut, La Boheme, Tosca
Who wrote La Donna e mobile? Verdi
Who wrote O Mio Babbino Caro? Puccini
More operas performed at the MET of Puccini's? The Girl of the Golden West, Gianni Schicci, Turandot
Richard Wagner was born in? Lipzig, Germany
What was interesting about Wagner? librettist of his operas, wrote 30 grand operas on the subject from medieval German eprics
Wagner piece that relates to Buggs Bunny? Ride of the Valkyries
Why did Wagner have to flee to Switzerland? He was having an affair with Liszt's daughter
What is Bayreuth? Wagner's own opera house
What did Wagner write that lasts 18 hours? The Cycle of Four Musical Dramas (the Ring of the Nibelung); 4 operas in 1
Lietmotifs themes or leading motives that can suggest a person, an emotion, an idea or an object
Tchaikovsky wrote what? Ballets & other pieces such as Nutcracker, Swann Lake, 1812 Overture (with cannons), Romeo and Juliet
Tchaikovsky was a? Russian composer; once a government clerk then became musician
Where did Tchaikovsky teach? Moscow Conservatory
What is a conservatory? College for music
Why did Tchaikovsky have a disastrous marriage? A student fell in love with him and he attempted suicide and had nervous breakdowns
Nadezhda von Meck was? Tchaikovsky's benefactor for 14 years
When did Tchaikovsky die? Age 53

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