MT 14

Question Answer
Cerebell/o Cerebellum
Cerebr/o Cerebrum
Encephal/o Brain
Medull/o Medulla oblongata
Mening/o Meninges
Myel/o Spinal cord
Neur/o Nerve
Pont/o Pons
Thalam/o Thalamus
Cephal/o Head
Electr/o Electricity
Hemat/o Blood
Hydr/o Water
Lumb/o Low back
My/o Muscle
Scler/o Hardening, sclera
Spin/o Spine
Tom/o To cut
Vascul/o Blood vessel
-astenia Weakness
-ectomy Surgical removal
-esthesia Feeling, sensation
-malacia Abnormal softening
-otomy Cutting into
-phasia Speech
-plegia Paralysis
-rrhaphy Suture
-trophic Development
Di- Two
Hemi- Half
Para- Two like parts if a pair, beside
Quadri- Four
Sub- Beneath, under

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