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What is Montana's nickname The treasure State
What state is made up of big open sky of the great planes or icy glaciers of the majestic Rocky Mountains ? Montana
What cuts through Montana's mountains while the planes take up the eastern 3/5 of the state Continental Divide
What state has Rolling Prairie that used to be home to millions of buffalo Montana
What mountains are rich in silver and gold Western Montana's
What year did Montana become a state 1889
Blackfeet, Atsina, Kootenai, Shoshone, and Crow tribes all shared Montana's _______ Vast lands
On Montana's Prairie while Buffalo were killed and replaced by ? Domestic cattle
What to battles in 1870s were the nations last major Native American battles Little Big Horn and Bighole prairie
What did the expansion of the railroad bring More settlers
What state is the least densely populated state in the country Montana
Montana is called the treasure State because resources remain so abundant. What are the resources endless grasslands for cattle , fertile soil for wheat, deep reserves for coal and oil, rich deposits of metal, and acres upon acres of trees
In 1889 the Lewis and Clark expedition passed through what is now Montana. true or false true
Which of the following is not an important resource in Montana…. COal fish lumber wheat Fish
oregan treaty was an agreement between what two countries? Great Britain in America
what does abundant mean plentiful
What is Wyoming's nickname equality state or cowboy state
what is the oldest national Park in Wyoming Yellowstone national park
What state has massive mountains, sparkling waterfalls, and plentiful wildlife Wyoming
What state has enormous blister of erupting volcanoes Wyoming
Some of Yellowstone's hot Springs reach what degree 400A°F
what is the most famous geyser in the world ? Old Faithful
who owns half of Wyoming's land the federal government
what national Park is south of Yellowstone Grand Teton National Park
National forest and wildlife preserves are sprinkled throughout what state Wyoming
Wyoming is one of the highest state in the country only what state is higher in altitude Colorado
Wyoming's most important natural resource is Land
Tourists come to see and hike and ski in Wyoming natural resource of land . Cows like to graze on it as long as it's covered with grass and minors like to dig in it . There's more than just magma below Wyoming service there's oil as well as natural gas co
Fewer people live in what state than in any other state Wyoming
Who was Wyoming's most favorite Rresident Buffalo Bill Cody
Wyoming is one of the most populated state in the country . True or false False
And what part of Wyoming is Yellowstone National Park located east, Northwest, Southeast, or Southwest Northwest
in what year did Wyoming become a state 1890
what does plentiful mean lots of
What is Utah's nickname Beehive state
Who was the young leader of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints brigham young
The Latter Day Saints is sometimes referred to as Mormons
What city serves as the Latter Day Saints church headquarters Salt Lake City
What is Utah's largest city and state capital Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City is located in northern Utah just south of the great Salt Lake
Mineral filled river water flows into this lake but nothing flows out . Great Salt Lake
When the fresh water evaporates what does it leave behind in the great Salt Lake salt and allows for swimmers to float easily
What Two ranges of the Rockies run Utah Wasatch mountains run down the center of the state and the Uinta mountains ran across the state from Colorado to Salt Lake City
Salt isn't the only mineral Utah has to offer what other minerals do they have oil, natural gas, coal, copper, gold , and silver
What is Utah's most important natural resource the earth itself
What metals have colored the rock spectacular shades of red yellow and purple Iron and manganese
The Navajo and Ute Indian Indians had considered some of these rock formations what Sacred
Deserts cover most of the state of Utah. true or false True
what you the following statements is falsEA. Great Salt Lake is located in southern Utah B.Navajo Indian tribes live in UtahC. Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah D. Utah was the first settled by Mormons The great Salt Lake is located in southern Utah
name the two mountain ranges that are found in Utah WasatchUinta
What does industrious mean hard-working

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