Membean vocab 1 Membean vocab

Question Answer
Impending Event is fast approaching, or is about to occur
Subtle Point is clever or so fine that is is not obvious and can be deep or highly sophisticated
Judicious Shows good judgement because she is wise and careful in making a decision
Belligerent Person or country is hostile, aggressive, very unfriendly and prone to fight
Conjecture A theory or guess that is based on information that is not certain or complete
Concise Statement is short, clear, and gets right to the point
Arbitrary You think that it has been decided without any thoughts, principle, or system and therefore can seem unfair
Potency Is how powerful or effective it is
Temperance You act with self-restraint and so don't do things in excess, and also stay away from drinking alcohol
Fruitless Endeavor does not bring successful result, but rather has been time spent pointlessly
Traverse An area or land you go across or travel through it
Sedentary A habit, job, or lifestyle spends a lot of time sitting down without moving or exercising often
Perilous Situation is highly dangerous or extremely risky
Constrained You are forced to do something, or are kept from doing it
constrain You are forced to do something or kept from doing it

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