med terms

Question Answer
TIC Pertaining to
PARA Along side, Abnormal
Scope Instrument for viewing
A Without
Ology Study or science of
Practic Practice
DYS Bad, Abnormal
Brady Slow
SYN Together
SUB Below
PRE To come before
PRE To come before
ECTO Outside, Out
AB Away from
ANA Up, Toward
DIA Through
EXO Away from
TRI Three
Cardi/o Heart
Bi/o Life
Append/o, Appendic/o Appendix
BI Two
Mega/o Large, Great
Pseuado False
Endo Within
Hyper Excessive, High
Hypo Low
Intra Within
Post To follow after
Ambi Both
Poly Many, Over
Quadri Four
Tetra Four
AL Pertaining to
Itis Inflamation
Plasty Surgical repair
Philia Loving
Pathy Disease
Logy Study or science of
Logist One who studies
IC Pertaining to
Plasia Formation, growth
Penia Abnormal reduction in #
Oma Tumor
IA Condition of
Dynia Condition of pain
Scopy Process of viewing
Scope Instrument used for viewing
Meter Measure
Trans Through, Across
Brady Slow
Endo Within
EPI Upon, Over, Above
Ultra Beyond normal
Ante Before
Circum Around
Mal Bad
Ion Process
Graphy Recording Process
Gram Record or image
Desis Surgical fixation
Centesis Surgical Puncture
Clasis Break Apart
Iatry Treatment
Hemia Condition of blood
Ary Pertaining to
Emia Condition of blood
Ectomy Surgical Removal
Cerebr/o Brain
Tonsill/o Tonsil
Rhin/o Nose
Psych/o Mind
Proct/o Rectum
Cele Hernia
Asthenia Weakness
Stasis Standing still
Philia Loving
Phagia Eating or swallowing
Mast/o Breast
Drome Run, running
Laryng/o Voice box. larynx
Dermat/o Skin
Electr/o Electricity
Gastr/o Stomach
Hem/o blood
Hepat/o liver
Hyster/o Uterus
Leuk/o White
Mamm/o Breast
Ment/o mind
Nat/o Birth
Path/o Disease
Opsy View of

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