Med Skills ch. 7 T

Term Definition
muscle tone state of partial contraction
insertion the end of a muscle that moves when the muscle contracts
contracture severe tightening of a flexor muscle
voluntary control over the action of a muscle
extensibility ability of a muscle to be stretched
excitability ability of a muscle to respond to a stimulus
elasticity ability of a muscle to return to its original shape
tendon strong, tough, connective tissue cord that attaches muscles to bone
adduction moving a body part toward the midline
flexion bending the lower arm up toward the upper arm
circumduction moving in a circle at a joint
extension increasing the angle between two bones
rotation turning your head from side to side
abduction moving the arm out to the side
contractility muscle fibers that are stimulated by nerves contracting or becoming short and thick which causes movement
fascia a tough, sheetlike, membrane that covers and protects the tissue
involuntary they function without conscious thought or control
ligament help hold long bones together at joints
origin the end of a bone that doesn't move when attached to a muscle

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