Lesson 4 Lesson 4 ESKETIT

In ______ a German priest named Martin Luther nailed a list of complaints on the door of a local Catholic church, questioning the power and authority of Catholic leaders 1517
In the 1500s, England's monarchs, King ______ VIII, and later his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I, made that country Protestant. Henry
In the Americas, _____ from Spain and France worked to spread their faith among the Native Americans. Catholics
England sent ________, an Italian, to look for a northern sea route to Asia in 1497. John Cabot
In 1535 French explorer ________ sailed along the St. Lawrence River, hoping it would lead to the Pacific. Jacques Cartier
The Netherlands also wanted to find a passage through the ________. Americas
As __________ explorers came to the Americas seeking new trade and wealth, they brought together parts of the world that previously had not been in contact. European
In _______ New France became a royal colony. The new royal governor supported expanded exploration. 1663
In 1682 _______ de La Salle followed the Mississippi all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Robert Cavelier
These __________ paid rent and worked for their lord for a set period each year. Tenant Roberts
The French got along well with the __________ . Native Americans
The Netherlands was a small _______ with few natural resources and limited farmland. Country
After Hudson's voyage in __________, the Dutch began to explore North America. 1609
The Netherlands also had a large fleet of trading _______ that sailed all over the world. Ships
The heart of the colony was ________. The town was built on the tip of Manhattan Island. New Amsterdam

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