Laws of Motion

Question Answer
Galileo found that a ball rolling down the one inclined plane would roll how far up the other inclined plane? To nearly half its original height
The law of inertia applies to Both moving and nonmoving objects
After a cannonball is fired into frictionless face the amount of force needed to keep it going equals Zero, since no force is necessary to keep it moving
If the force of gravity suddenly stopped acting on the planets they would Move in a straight line a tangent to their orbits
A sheet of paper can be withdrawn from under a container of milk without toppling it if the paper is jerked quickly the reason this can be done is The milk carton has inertia
One object has twice as much mass as another object the first object also has twice as much Inertia
Compared to its weight on earth, a 10 kg object on the moon would weigh Less
Compared to its mass on earth, The mass of a 10 kg object on the moon is The same
The mass of a sheep that weighs 110 N is about 11 kg
The force required to maintain an object at a constant speed in free space is equal to Zero
Friction -acts in a direction that opposes the motion of an object-Is the name given to the force acting between surfaces sliding past one another-Comes from microscopic bumps that act as obstructions to the objects motion
A 15 N force and A 45 N force acts on an object in opposite directions what is the net force on the object 30 N
Equilibrium occurs when a?? All of the forces acting on an object are balanced a?? The net force on the object is zeroa?? The sum of the X forces on an object equals the sum of the negative X forcesa?? The sum of the upward force equals the sum of the downward force
What would be the safest way to put up a clothesline With some slack in the line
A girls his weight is 500 N hangs from the middle of a bar supported by two vertical strands of rope. What is the tension in each strand 250 N
Friction is a force that always acts Opposite to an objects motion
What is the maximum resultant possible when Adding a 2 N force to an 8 N force 10 N
The weight of a person can be represented by a vector that acts Straight down even if the person is standing on a hill
A clothesline a stretch between two trees attire hangs in the middle of the line and the two halves of the line make equal angles with the horizontal. The tension in the line is More than half the tires weight
Which has more mass, a kilogram of feathers or a kilogram of iron Neither a?? they both have the same mass
How much does a 3 kg bag of bolts weigh in newtons 29.4 N
A bag of sports equipment has a mass of 10 kg and a weight of 98 N
A 5 N force and a 30 N force act on the same object in the same direction. What is the net force on the object 35 N
What is the minimum resultant possible when adding a 5 N force to an 8 N force 3 N
Accelerations are produced by Forces
How does acceleration of an object change in relation to its mass? It is Inversely proportional
The acceleration produced by a net force on an object is In the same direction as the net force, directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, inversely proportional to the mass of the object
When an object reaches its terminal velocity ita??s acceleration is 0 m/s squared
A 10 kg brick in a 1 kg book or dropped in a vacuum. The force of gravity on the 10 kg brick is 10 times as much as the force on the 1 kg book

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