LA vocab #11-12

Question Answer
Banter To converse in a playful or teasing way
Caricature A representation in which distinctive traits are exaggerated or distorted for comic effect
Caricaturist Related word for caricature
Droll Amusingly odd
Facetious Not meant to be taken seriously
Flippant Humorous in a disrespectful, casual way
Hilarity Great merriment
Hilarious Related word for hilarity
Ludicrous Ridiculously, laughably absurd
Ludicrousness Related word for ludicrous
Mirth Good spirits
Mirthful Related word for mirth
Whimsical Playful or unpredictable
Whimsy Related word for whimsical
Witticism A clever remark or saying
Witty Related word for witticism
Analogy A comparison highlighting a similarity
Analogous Related word for analogy
Antithesis The direct or exact opposite
Antithetical Related word for antithesis
Commensurate Corresponding in size or degree
Congruence Agreement, harmony
Congruent Related word for congruence
Deviate To depart or turn aside from a path
Deviation Related word for deviate
Disparity Inequality
Disparate Related word for disparity
Heterogeneous Varied
Heterogeneity Related word for heterogeneous
Homogeneous Similar in kind or nature
Homogenize, homogeneity Related word for homogeneous
Nuance A subtle or slight degree of difference
Nuanced Related word for nuance
Tantamount Equivalent in significance, effect, or value

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