Jurisprudence 2017

Definition of : Physical therapy or Physiotherapy Each of which terms is deemed identical and interchangeable with each other, means a health care profession
Who sets the criteria for the practice of physical therapy? Board of medicine
If physical therapy treatment for a patient is required beyond 30 days for a condition not previously assessed by a practitioner of record, the physical therapist shalldo what next? Have a practitioner of record review and sign the plan.
When does TX beyond 30 days not require a practitioner of record review and sign the plan? does not apply when a patient has been physically examined by a physician licensed in another state.
Physical Therapist definition: a person who is licensed and who practices physical therapy in accordance with the provisions of this chapter
Physical Therapist Assistant definition: means a person who is licensed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter to perform patient-related activities, including the use of physical agents
how much is your initial licensure fee? 75.00
How much is the licensure application? 100.00
Where is the application fee paid to? The department of health.
When does an incomplete application fee expire? 1 year from the initial date of filing.
Is the application fee refundable? no
how much is the application fee for licensure by taking the national examination or endorsement? 100.00
How much is the initial licensure fee? 75.00
The biennial renewal fee for an active license is ? 75.00
The biennial renewal fee for an inactive license is ? 50.00
The retired status fee is ? 50.00
The delinquency fee is ? 55.00
The fee for reactivation is ? 50.00
The change of status fee is ? 40.00
The duplicate license fee is ? 25.00
The certification of a public record fee is? 25.00
An inactive or retired license shall be reactivated upon receipt by the Board office with which of the following payments? The biennial renewal fee as Active- $75 Inactive- $50 The unlicensed activity fee as $5 The reactivation fee as $50 The change of status fee as $40
How many CEU hours are required for an inactive license? 10 hours to include 2 hours of medical errors and no more than 6 hours of home study and atleast 2 hours specifically on Florida Physical Therapy Laws and Rules within the twelve (12) months immediately preceding application for reactivation
what are the requirements to reactivate an inactive license ? completion of 400 hours working while license was active or successful passage of the National Physical Therapy Examination, including payment of all associated fees.
How soon does Spouses of Members of Armed Forces have to report that they have returned to Florida or their spouse has been discharged? 6 months of returning to florida or being discharged from the armed forces.
What are the levels of supervision? Direct and general
What is direct supervision? Supervision of subordinate personnel performing directed actions, while the licensed supervisor is immediately physically available.
what is General supervision? physical therapist is accessible at all times by two-way communication, respond to an inquiry when made and readily available for consultation during the delivery of care, and is within the same geographic location as the physical therapist assistant.
How many hours of CEU's must you complete bienially? 24 hours every two years (bienially)
who must the CEU's be approved by? (3) United States Department of Education or courses sponsored or approved by the Florida Physical Therapy Association or the American Physical Therapy Association.
When must a licensee complete the HIV/AIDS ceu and how many hours are required? Each licensee must complete at least one clock hour of HIV/AIDS education through a Board approved course no later than upon the licensee’s first biennial renewal of licensure
Board approval courses on HIV/AIDS include what areas? (a) Modes of transmission;(b) Infection control procedures;(c) Clinical management;(d) Prevention;(e) Florida law on AIDS and the impact on testing, confidentiality, and treatment.
How many hours are required for medical error ceus? 2 hours per biennially.
Who approves medical errors and hiv/aids ceu's? Board within the Division of Medical Quality Assurance of theDepartment of Health
how many hours in 24 hours are acceptable for homestudy? 12 hours
course instructors can receive up to how many hours of CE's in a biennium? 6 1 contact hour for every 160 hours of instruction (CI) up tp 6 hours in a biennium and must be credentalled through APTA or FPTA
the license renewal application cannot exceed what amount for a PT? $200
An inactive license renewal with fees cannot exceed what amount for a PT? $200
Physical therapist assistant; renewal of license; inactive status; reactivation of license; fees are not to exceed what amount? 150
can a licensee practice with an inactive, retired or delinquent license? t/f false/NO !
how much is license change to retired at time of renewal ? must not exceed 50$. If changing at any other time other than time of renewal it will be also the cost of change of status fee of 40.00 additional to the 50$
Within how many days must you report an address change when you move to the Boards? 60 days in writing
can you use the title PT or PTA in any way if your license is suspended or revoked? No
can you use the initials DPT if you do not have a doctorate degree? no
Physical Therapy Assessment: means observational, verbal, or manual determinations of the function of the musculoskeletal or neuromuscular system relative to physical therapy
Acute Care The stage of illness or injury characterized by actual or reasonable potential for a rapid change in medical status that would affect the physical therapy plan of care.
Consultation The offering of information aimed at the resolution of perceived problem.
Direction The physical therapist’s authorization and empowerment of a physical therapist assistant or unlicensed personnel, as authorized by Rule 64B17-6.007, F.A.C., to carry out actions requiring licensure under Chapter 486, F.S.
Assessment Observational, verbal, or manual determinations of the function of the musculoskeletal or neuromuscular system relative to physical therapy.
Direct Supervision Supervision of subordinate personnel performing directed actions, while the licensed supervisor is immediately physically available.
) Program Plan The establishment of objectives (goals) and specific remediation techniques.
Standards Conditions and performances which are essential for quality physical therapy service and patient care
Unlicensed personnel Any individual, working or volunteering in a physical therapy setting, not holding a current license as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant.
During an acute phase of injury or illness, or while the patient is an inpatient in a hospital, the physical therapist shall be where? readily and physically available for consultation to the physical therapist assistant.
During the delivery of physical therapy care by the physical therapist assistant to patients who are not inpatients in a hospital, or who are not in the acute phase of injury or illness, where should the physical therapist be? the physical therapist shall be accessible at all times by telecommunication and shall be within the same geographic location as the assistant.
What supervision is required for inpatient in a hospital setting/acute injury patients? direct: PT must be involved directly or physically with TX
How long should licensees retain records? as long as needed or appropriate for the situation.
what is the process for licensees relocating or terminating a practice? What is their responsibility to the patient? notify each client/patient of such termination or relocation. At minimum may be published no less than 4 times in local paper for 4 weeks. must obtain pt medical records for at least 2 years. A sign must be in window for 30 days prior giving notice.
what is the process of a deceased PT or PTA pertaining to medical records? executor must maintain records for at least 2 years from date of death. w/i 30 days publish notice of death/where to obtain records. at 22 months publish 4 wks in a row/1-m after last pub, destroy records
reproducing copies of written or typed documents or reports shall not be more than the following: (a) For the first 25 pages, the cost shall be $1.00 per page.(b) For each page in excess of 25 pages, the cost shall be $.25 per page.
what does actual cost mean pertaining to duplicating records requested by patients? means the cost of the material and supplies used to duplicate the record and the labor and overhead costs associated with the duplication. (in reference to xrays)
what constitutes grounds for denial of a license or disciplinary action? Being unable to practice physical therapy with reasonable skill and safety to patients by reason of illness or use of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, chemicals, or any other type of material or as a result of any mental or physical condition.
who are fines collected by? Medical Quality Assurance Trust Fund
who conducts suspensions or revocations of the license after going before a panel to find probable cause? State Surgeon General or his or her designee, as appropriate, who shall issue the final summary order.
When should the person who filed a complaint be notified if no probable cause was found? within 60 days
Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, an administrative complaint against a licensee shall be filed within how many years after the time of the incident or occurrence giving rise to the complaint against the licensee. 6 years not to exceed 12 years with an extension.
If a person misrepresents their title while not liscensed, license suspended, or revoked what will the be charged with ? a misdeamenor of the 1st degree
When the department has probable cause to believe that any person not licensed by the department, or the appropriate regulatory board within the department, has violated any provision of this chapter what will be issued? A cease and desist notice along with a possible hearing and In addition to the remedies under paragraph (a), the department may impose by citation an administrative penalty not to exceed $5,000 per incident.
how many days does the subject have to dispute a fine before it becomes a final judgement? 30 days after the citation is served. the fine will be no less than 500 not exceed 5000
If the subject continues to practice after teh cease and desist order what will happen? For each day after, an additional citation will be issued for each day.
to practice, attempt to practice, or offer to practice a health care profession without an active, valid Florida license to practice that profession is punishable by what type of degree? a felony in the third degree
What is the penalty in the state of florida to practice with out a florida license in the health field? The minimum penalty for violating this subparagraph shall be a fine of $1,000 and a minimum mandatory period of incarceration of 1 year.
What is An impaired practitioner consultant? the official custodian of records relating to the referral of an impaired licensee or applicant to that consultant and any other interaction between the licensee or applicant and the consultant.
A health care provider shall not refer a patient to an entity in which such provider is an investor unless, prior to the referral, the provider furnishes the patient with a written disclosure form how is this punishable? a misdemeanor of the first degree
definition: “Comprehensive rehabilitation services" means services that are provided by health care professionals licensed under part I or part III of chapter 468 or chapter 486 to provide speech, occupational, or physical therapy services on an outpatient or ambulatory basis.
definition: Designated health services clinical laboratory services, physical therapy services, comprehensive rehabilitative services, diagnostic-imaging services, and radiation therapy services.
definition: Diagnostic imaging services magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, angiography, arteriography, computed tomography, positron emission tomography, digital vascular imaging, bronchography, lymphangiography, splenography, ultrasound, EEG, EKG, nerve conduction studies ect.
definition: Direct supervision supervision by a physician who is present in the office suite and immediately available to provide assistance and direction throughout the time services are being performed.
definition: Entity any individual, partnership, firm, corporation, or other business entity.
definition: Fair market value value in arms length transactions, consistent with the general market value, and, with respect to rentals or leases, the value of rental property for general commercial purposes see pg.52
defintion: Group practice means a group of two or more health care providers legally organized as a partnership, professional corporation, or similar association see pg 52
defintion: Health care provider any physician licensed under chapter 458, chapter 459, chapter 460, or chapter 461, or any health care provider licensed under chapter 463 or chapter 466.
definition: Immediate family member health care provider’s spouse, child, child’s spouse, grandchild, grandchild’s spouse, parent, parent-in-law, or sibling.
definition: Investment interest means an equity or debt security issued by an entity, including, without limitation, shares of stock in a corporation, units or other interests in a partnership, bonds, debentures, notes, or other equity interests or debt instruments. see pg 53
definition: Investor a person or entity owning a legal or beneficial ownership or investment interest, directly or indirectly, including, without limitation, through an immediate family member, trust, or another entity related to the investor.
definition: Outside referral for diagnostic imaging services means a referral of a patient to a group practice or sole provider for diagnostic imaging services by a physician who is not a member of the group practice or of the sole provider’s practice .
definition: Patient of a group practice or patient of a sole provider a patient who receives a physical examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and development of a treatment plan if medically necessary by a physician who is a member of the group practice or the sole provider’s practice.
definition: Referral any referral of a patient by a health care provider for health care services see pg. 54 for limitations to this
definition: Present in the office suite means that the physician is actually physically present
definition: “Rural area" means a county with a population density of no greater than 100 persons per square mile, as defined by the United States Census
definition: Sole provider one health care provider, who maintains a separate medical office and a medical practice separate from any other health care provider and who bills for his or her services separately from the services provided by any other health care provider.
are practitioners responsible for reporting patients that find out that they have HIV to the health department or the patients partner/s? No the PT or PTA will not be held criminally or civilly liable and the patient should follow quality assurance health department protocol when reporting .

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