Question Answer
What were the people who received grants called? Patroons
The main settlement of New Netherland was New Amsterdam, on what island? Manhattan island
New Netherland became what? New York
England wanted control of what Dutch colony? New Netherland
In 1664 what did England send to New Amsterdam? A fleet
After England took New Netherland, king Charles gave it to who? His brother , Duke of York
The Duke of York divided his land between which two rivers? Hudson and Delaware
After the Duke of York divided his land who did he gave it to? John Berkeley and George Carteret
After Berkeley and Carteret got their land they named it what? New Jersey
To attract settlers what did Carteret and Berkeley offer? A land grant, Trial by jury, freedom of religion, representative assembly
There many of what kind of groups in New Jersey? Ethnic groups
By 1702 New Jersey became what kind of colony? royal colony
What group was persecuted in England? The Quakers
Why did William Penn receive land from King Charles? King Charles was in his debt
How did Penn see Pennsylvania? As a "holy experiment"

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