gov b of r

Question Answer
1 (5) freedom of: religion, speech, press, assembly and right to petition
2 (2) right to bear arms and serve in a state militia
3 (2) no quartering, no abuse by military authority
4 (2) no unreasonable searches or seizures, property cana??t be searched or taken without warrant
5 (6) no trial without indictment by grand jury, no double jeopardy, right to remain silent, no self-incrimination, due process, limits eminent domain
6 (5) accused be told exact nature of charges; speedy, public, impartial trial by jury; trial takes place where crime committed; accused hears all witnesses and can call witnesses; and right to an attorney
7 (1) trial by jury if disputed amount is more than $20
8 (4) right to bail, no excessive bail, no excessive fines, and no cruel and unusual punishment
9 (1) rights listed arena??t the only rights of american citizens
10 (1) any powers not specifically given to federal government is reserved automatically: this prevents congress and president from becoming too powerful

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