Exploration Quiz

Question Answer
What were the motives for European Exploration? God, Gold, and glory, goods such as silver and gold, trade routes for spices and silk trades.
why was god a reason for exploration? finding new lands in the name of god,spread Christianity, missions were set up to convert people in explored area, ethnocentrism; believed their religions and practices not civilized.
why was gold a reason for exploration? explorers wanted to expand their personal wealth, most explorers were second or 3rd sons some came from poor families and wanted greater status in society
why was glory a reason for exploration? end of isolation, make a name for oneself + gain greater status in society, the power +prestige of a nation was based off their ability to explore the areas they moved on.
what did the treaty of tordesillas establish? who was involved? it was an agreement between Spain and Portugal aimed at settling conflicts over lands newly discovered by Christopher Columbus and the other 15th century voyagers.
how did the treaty of tordesillas split the land? west of the line were to be Spanish, east belonged to Portugal.
Why were slaves brought along the Americas? the demand for labor in the western hemisphere
How does the economic theory of mercantilism work? a set of principles that dominated economic thought in the seventeenth century; it held that the prosperity of a nation depended on a large supply of gold and silver
Why were the Europeans interested in Africa? It was a very important trade route in the far east, the portugese were opening new sea routes along africa, their slaves were african.
What are some obstacles the explorers faced? bad navigation, sickness, (scurvy) hunger, weather
What was the middle passage like? the ships were filthy,hot, and crowded
following capture , slaves were force marched to holding ____ before being loaded onto ships pens
most ships provided slaves with enough room to sit ____ but not enough to ____ upright,stand
what were the results of the age of exploration? brought together Europe, Asia, Africa and the americas,exchange of food and crops,spread Christianity,expantion,spread of diseases, cultures demolished.
what is triangular trade? What was traded from continent to continent? a pattern of trade that connected europe africa, asia, and the american continents.
In the triangular trade, sugar, _____, and _____ were brought to Europe from ________ tobacco, and cotton from North America
In the triangular trade, textiles, ____, and ______ _____ were brought to africa from _______ rum, manufactured goods, from europe
_______ were brought from _______ to North America slaves, africa
conquistador a Spanish conqueror of the Americas
colony a settlement of people living in a new territory, linked with the parent country by trade and direct government control
mercantalism a set of principles that dominated economic thought in the seventeenth century; it held that the prosperity of a nation depended on a large supply of gold and silver
balance of trade the difference in value between what a nation imports and what it exports over time
plantation a large agricultural estate
mainland states part of a continent, as distinguished from peninsulas or offshore islands
bureaucracy an administrative organization that relies on nonelective officials and regular procedure
the original captures of slaves was always _____ violent
others forced slaves to ____ ____ ____ with barley _____ inches space between them lie in chains, 20
crews attempted to keep as many slaves alive as possible yo _____ ____ but treatment was extremely cruel maximize profits
some slaves refused to eat and the crew members used tools to pry open their mouths and __ ____ them force fed
sick slaves were cast ____ to prevent infection from spreading overboard
during the early days of slave trade, mortality rates were as high as ____ 50%
as the volume of trade increased and the conditions improved (bigger ships,more water, better nourishment and faculties) ____ __ eventually declined to about ____ mortality, 5%
with good conditions and a few delays, a 17th century portugese slave ship typically took ____-50 days to sail from angola to brazil 30
slaves would be ____ and their skin covered with _____ to make them look ____ (and therfor valuable) washed,grease, healthy
they also would be branched with a ___ ___ to identify them as slaves hot iron
slaves were sold at a ____ auction
slave trade tore apart ____ famalies

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