English Quiz Types of Shakespearean Drama:

Question Answer
Comedy light play with interwoven plot-lines,
Tragedy serious play with an unhappy ending, usually dramatic catastrophe or one with many deaths
History historical play focusing on lives of royalty or kings and are comments on British monarchies
Dialogue words spoken by characters
Stage Directions the the actors how to look, act,move and speak
Act major settings of play
Scene smaller sections within the ACTS of a play
Comic Relief use of a comic scene to interrupt a succession of intensity tragic dramatic moments
Tragic Hero person with great ability(and usually a high social rank)
Tragic Flaw weakness, limitation,or defect of a character
Foil character who provides a strong contrast to another character
Soliloquy (Monologue) character speaks his/her innermost thoughts when no other characters are on stage
Aside character remarks to audience or to another character that no one is suppose to hear
Blank Verse metrical pattern of poetry Shakespeare used in his plays(unrhymed lines)
Iambic Petameter pattern of Rhythmic verse with five unstressed syllables, each followed by a stress syllable
Dramatic Irony when audience knows more than one or more of characters to build suspense and intensity
Rhetorical Devices methods/techniques of persuasion or argument in writing or speaking used to have a certain effect of the listener or reader

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