coding terms

Term Definition
Programming the action or process of writing computer programs
program a collection of instruction that performs a specific task when executed by a computer
block-based block-based programming involves dragging "block" or graphics of instruction. two examples of block based programming are MIT scratch and
text-based text-based programming is when the input and output are based on text rather than graphics
algorithm a set of instructions for solving a problem
data quantities on which operations are performed by a computer
data types integers (whole numbers), floats (real numbers with a decimal), strings (group of characters), and boolean (true or false)
input vs output input is information provided to a computer or program and output is info provided by a computer or program.
variable a placeholder for a value that could change. data whose value is not constant and may change due to some calculation during the program execution. it is a location in the computer's memory, which stores the value.
variable declaration the process of creating a name for a variable and deciding what data type it will hold
variable initialization the process of assigning an initial value for a variable
conditional branching if or if-else statements and logic
iteration a process wherein a set of instructions or structures are repeated in a sequence a specific number of times or until a condition is met
execute the process by which a computer or a visual machine performs the instruction of a computer program
documentation or comment complete sentences in english that goes together with computer code to explain how the code works, how to use code, or what it does
multi-branch conditional the else if is an example of a multi-branched conditional. else if's allow you to provide more conditions in a conditional.
search there are two types of searches: linear and binary. to use the binary search on an array have to be sorted before the search takes place
sort three types of sorts that students should know during the coding block are: selection, bubble, and insertion
iteration the repetition of a process
event an action recognized by a software such as pressing a key or clicking a specific item on the screen
flowchart a way to plan a complex program which demonstrates the logic you want for your program
pseudo code a simple notion resembling a computer program that is used to plan a program
efficient achieving the best result with the least amount of coding possible
plugged activities that require electronic devices
unplugged activities that do not require electronic devices
example of a computer science languages java, java script, c++, python, etc.
bug an error in a computer program
function a piece of code that could be used over and over again
infinite loop a loop where the computer will cycle through a set of commands forever

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