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primary motor cortex,broca's area/ premotor cortex are located in which lobe? frontal
innermost layer of meninges, delicate/ closely apposed to the brain tissue is the _____ pia mater
cerbrospinal fluid is formed by ______ choroid plexuses
patient has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage that has caused dysfunction of t/precentral gyrus of his right crebral cortex. as a result ____ he cannot voluntarily move his left arm or leg
BArea: basal nuclei involved in fine control of motor activities striatum
BArea: region where there is a gross crossover of fibers of descending pyramidal tracts medulla
BArea: control of temp.autonomic nervous system reflexes,hunger,water balance hypothalamus
BArea: houses substantia nigra/ cerebral aqueduct midbrain
BArea: relay stations for visual/ auditory stimuli input;found in midbrain corpora quadrigemina
BArea: houses vital centers for control of heart,respiration,BP medulla
brain area through which all sensory input is relayed to get to cerebral cortex thalamus
brain area most concerned w/equilibrium,body posture, coordination of motor activity cerebellum
which of following tracts convey vibration a/other specific sensations that can be precisely localized? medial lemniscus
destruction of ventral horn cells of spinal cord results in loss of _____ voluntary motor impulses
fiber tracts that allow neurons within same cerebral hemisphere to communicate are _______ association tracts
cerebral cortex G/W gray matter
corpus callosum a/ corona radiata G/W white matter
red nucleus G/W gray matter
medial and lateral nuclear groups G/W gray matter
medial lemniscal tract G/W White
cranial nerve nuclei G/W gray
spinothalamic tract G/W white
fornix G/W white
cingulate and precentral gyri G/W gray
a professor unexpectedly blew a loud horn in his class.students looked up startled. the reflexive movements of their eyes were mediated by _____ superior colliculi
s of sleep: when bp and heart rate reach lowest levels 4
s of sleep:indicated by movement of eyes under lids, dreaming occurs REM
s of sleep:when nightmares are likely to occur 3and 4
s of sleep:when sleeper is very easily awakened; EEG shows alpha waves 1
all of following descriptions refer to dorsal column-medial lemniscal ascending pathways except one: their connections are diffuse and polymodal

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