Chp. 7 Vocab

Question Answer
Jim Crow Laws Set of laws that kept black and whites segragated
Poll tax Act that makes voters pay a tax in order to vote
Literacy text Test to see if Africans can read and understand tests in order to vote.
Grandfather clause Sourthern states created a clause which allowed citizens to vote as long as their ancestors had voted prior to 1866
Booker T. Washington Most famous leader during the late 19th century
W.E.B Du Bois African American who earned his Ph.D from Harvard University (1896) who critized Washington's willingness to accommodate southern whites.
Spoils System Central component where politicians were awarded government jobs to loyal party workers
Las Gorras Blancas Group that targeted the property of large ranchers by damaging their property
Civil Service system that includes federal jobs in the executive branch.
Gold Standard Government used the Gold Standard as the basis of nations currency.
Populist Party Populists who wanted to build a new political party from the grass roots up.

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